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Maine Permit Test

Maine Permit Test 2013

Unless you currently hold a valid drivers license issued by another state, you will have to take a learners permit test while applying for a Maine drivers license. The 2013 Maine permit test covers the state driving rules, traffic regulations, road signs and safe driving practices, including questions on effects of alcohol and drugs on driver's reaction times. In Maine, permit testing is conducted by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles on appointment-only basis, you cannot just turn up the test any time you want. You should note that approximately half of the first time applicants fail their Maine BMV permit test the first time they take it, so you should invest good time into preparing for the exam.

Maine Permit Test Questions

The real Maine permit test has 25 questions that cover mostly the driving laws and traffic signs, with a few questions dedicated to defensive driving techniques and the effects of alcohol on driving. The questions are provided in a multiple choice form and you need to answer at least 21 questions correctly if you want to pass the exam, which makes the passing score for the test 84%.

Although all of the permit test questions are based on the materials of the Maine drivers permit test manual, approximately half of the first time test takers manage to fail. This is an amazing fact, considering that the drivers handbook is provided by the BMV absolutely free of charge and you can simply download it from the BMV website. The reason why so many people fail is because they underestimate the level of questions they are presented with on the test and are under misconception that general knowledge of driving rules will do. Fortunately, this is not the case, the BMV wants to make sure that you know virtually every rule there is - after all, many of these rules were written in blood of other drivers and were specifically crafted to keep the roads safe.

Just to give you an idea of what the real permit test is like, here is a sample practice question that you can try to answer.

“Any person who has been suspended __ times within a three-year period by the Secretary of State of by a court may be subject to a further suspension for a period of up to ____ days.

A. 2, 60
B. 3, 120
C. 4, 180
D. 5, 360

You may find the correct answer to this question in the drivers manual and at the end of this page.

Your actual Maine permit test will have 25 questions like this and if you think that you can guess at least half of them - guess again. Look at the failure rates and to the smart thing - study for the test before you go to the testing center.

Ways to Prepare for The BMV Permit Test

Today, you should not experience a shortage of study materials when it comes to preparing for your learners permit test. You don't even have to spend a penny on learning the rules, everything you need is provided free of charge over the Internet. Thus, you can easily download a copy of the state motorist handbook from the BMV website and learn everything that is covered by the Maine drivers permit test. If, for some reason, you are not able to access the book through the site, you can visit the BMV in person and request a printed copy of the manual.

Once you're through with the book, you may wish to take the Maine practice permit test. Practice tests are a great study aid for those who have already covered the driving rules and would like to test their knowledge. Practice exams can help you pinpoint the rules you may have missed or misunderstood so you can go back and review them. However, some of the license applicants misuse the test by making them the only study resource. This is not the right way of using them as practice tests provide you with bare answers without the actual reasoning, so you just memorize the answer without understanding the rule. Make sure to use a handbook before you proceed to taking practice tests. Remember that the site offer a Maine DMV practice test and a Maine drivers license practice test, you can study these free sample questions before you take the real exam.

Drivers education classes is also a great way to learn the rules and get some hands-on driving experience. If you are under 18 years of age, taking one of the Maine drivers education courses is mandatory, there is no way around this. If you are over 21 years of age, you can choose not to take the class, but we advise you to consider participating in the program anyway. Apart from becoming a safer driver, you may also be awarded by a car insurance discount for completing the class.

Taking the Maine Permit Test

You have to be at least 15 years of age in order to be eligible for a learners permit. If you are under 18 years of age, the Maine graduated drivers license law mandates that you must complete a drivers education program prior to taking the permit test. Testing is provided on the appointment-only basis, so make sure to schedule your exam well in advance.

When you arrive at the testing site for the Maine BMV permit test, please be prepared to do the following:

  • provide proof of ID
  • provide proof of name
  • provide proof of age
  • present proof of Maine residency
  • provide your Social Security Number
  • present the certificate of drivers education (if under 18 years of age)

If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or legal guardian to be present at the time of the application. One of your parents will need to co-sign your Maine learners permit application form.

If you do not pass the test the first time, the examiner will schedule another appointment for you. You will have to bring the same documents when you come to your next appointment.

If you pass your permit test successfully, you are awarded with a learners permit. Please remember that there are various drivers permit restrictions that apply to you and under no circumstances you are to drive alone, you must always have another eligible licensed driver accompany you. These restrictions will be lifted once you pass your drivers test and receive a Maine drivers license.

Answer to The Practice Question

The correct answer to the practice permit question is B. “Any person who has been suspended 3 times within a three-year period by the Secretary of State of by a court may be subject to a further suspension for a period of up to 120 days.