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Illinois Permit Test

Illinois Permit Test 2013

Taking the 2013 Illinois permit test is the first step towards obtaining a drivers license. The 2013 Illinois permit test questions cover the rules of the road, road signs and defensive driving techniques. If you want to nail the permit test the first time you take it, make sure to start studying well in advance. There are many ways for you to prepare for the test, but reading the official rules of the road book and taking an Illinois practice permit test or two certainly won't hurt.

Illinois Permit Test Questions

Although the questions you will encounter on the Illinois permit test are not exceptionally hard, more than a half of all first time applicants fail the exam the firs time they take it. In most cases, this happens because teen drivers license applicants tend to underestimate the level of the permit test questions and don't study for it.

The Illinois learners permit test has 35 questions on it and you must answer at least 28 of them correctly. This makes the passing score 80%. Keep this number in your head when you decide to test yourself with some practice tests.

Illinois driver permit test includes questions on road signs and traffic laws. You will be asked to identify the road signs by shape and color, demonstrate strong knowledge of the state traffic regulations and safe driving techniques. The test is provided as multiple choice and true or false questions.

Studying for Illinois DMV Permit Test

The way you study for the test largely depends on your age. According to the Illinois graduated license program, driver license applicants who are under the age of 17 are required to sign up for one of the Illinois driver's education classes prior to taking the permit test and taking drivers ed is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Please remember that you have to sign up for the class at least 30 days prior to taking the permit test at the DMV.

If you are older than 17, there are still no reasons for you to not take the class. Drivers who go through drivers ed programs are generally safer drivers than those who don't and insurance companies recognize this by providing awesome insurance discounts to driver ed graduates.

If you decide to skip the class, you should get yourself a copy of the Illinois rules of the road book. The driver's manual contains everything you need to know to pass the permit test and it even includes some free permit test questions.

If you are done with the book and you find yourself in need of some extra practice, you can choose to take the Illinois permit practice test. You can usually find both the online permit tests and some printable versions. Keep in mind that we offer an Illinois drivers license practice test and an Illinois DMV practice test online, both tests are completely free and you can take these sample road rules questions as many times as you wish.

Taking the Illinois Permit Test

The minimum age when you can get your Illinois learners permit is 15, it is also the minimum age at which you can take the permit test. If you are under 17 years of age, you must already be signed up for a state approved driver's ed class and bring your proof of enrollment to the Secretary of State's office when you show up for your Illinois DMV permit test. When you are at the office, be prepared to do the following:

  • present proof of ID
  • present proof of residency
  • present proof of birth date
  • provide your Social Security card
  • submit the driver's license application form
  • present proof of enrollment in drivers education (if applicable)
  • take a vision exam
  • take the permit test

Please refrain from trying to cheat on your Illinois learner's permit test. The state takes such offenses very seriously and you will be banned from taking the test for at least 30 days of caught. Having someone else take the permit exam for you is a criminal offense which will result in a large fine and some time in prison.

You have three attempts at taking the test, so if you do not pass it the first time, you can come back the next day and try it again. However, we advise against such approach. If you failed your drivers permit test the first time, take the time to study and work on the mistakes you made before you try to tuckle the real test again.

Once you pass the test, you will be issued with the permit on the spot. From this time on, you can start your driving practice. Remember that you are only allowed to drive while being supervised by another licensed driver until you get your unrestricted Illinois drivers license, as well as observe other Illinois drivers permit restrictions.