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Maine Drivers License

Maine Drivers License

If you intend to drive on the Maine roads and you do not hold a license issued by another state, you will be required to apply for the Maine drivers license. Your Maine driver license will also serve as your main ID.

Maine Drivers License Classes

The first step of the process is choosing the right type of license. At the moment, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) offers the following types of driving licenses.

  • Class C. Regular drivers license.
  • Class A and B. Commercial drivers licenses, CDLs.

Class C drivers license is by far the most common Maine drivers license and it is more than enough for most of the drivers out there. It allows you to operate pretty much every common vehicle and unless you plan on operating some heavy machinery, this license type should be enough for you too.

Maine Graduated Drivers License

The graduated drivers license system was designed to reduce the crash rates among teenage drivers. Nationwide, teenagers have the highest crash rates among all age groups. The graduated drivers license system employs such measures as compulsory drivers education classes and supervised driving restrictions to fight these daunting statistics.

Maine Drivers Permit

Absolutely every driver license applicant is required to apply for the Maine learners permit first. The drivers permit will allow you to start the driving practice and prepare for your actual drivers license test.

Before the BMV will issue you with the drivers permit, you will be required to take a Maine permit test that will assess your acquaintance with the traffic rules and road signs. You can prepare for the exam by reading the BMV drivers handbook and taking some Maine practice tests.

Drivers License Test

When your received your drivers permit, you can start preparing for your drivers license exam. You can drive only while being supervised by another licensed driver and you should abide to this restriction, otherwise you may lose your drivers permit.

When you are ready to take the driving exam, you can schedule your appointment with the BMV. You are required to provide your own vehicle, which must be properly insured and titled, the BMD does not provide vehicles for the test.

When you pass your driver license test, you are issued with the Maine drivers license.