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Pennsylvania Permit Test PA

Pennsylvania Permit Test 2013

If you looking to obtain your drivers permit, there is no way for you to get around the 2013 Pennsylvania permit test. The 2013 learners permit test PA is based on the materials contained in the drivers handbook and assesses your knowledge of such areas as the state driving laws, traffic signs and safe driving practices. Keep in mind that most of those who take the knowledge exam for the first time fail, test your knowledge with a free permit practice test PA quiz before you visit the PennDOT for the real exam!

PA Permit Test Questions

The questions on the Pennsylvania permit test are fairly easy and should not pose any problems for anyone who prepares in advance. Unfortunately, statistics show that most of the first time drivers license applicants fail the permit exam the first time they take it. The underlying reason for this is the fact that many applicants underestimate the level of the questions they will be asked on the test. Another reason that contributes to these stats is the fact that instead of learning the driving rules, most students try to memorize the answers to the practice permit tests provided by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). This is a faulty approach as the real PA permit test questions are different from the ones you are seeing while studying for the exam, they just cover the same areas and are intended to give you the chance to test your understanding of the state driving laws. Learning the answers to the tests will definitely not do you any good, so make sure you invest some time into learning the rules.

PA drivers permit test has 18 multiple choice questions and you need to give at least 15 correct answers in order to pass the exam and get your learners permit, which makes the passing score for the test 83%. This is a relatively high passing score, when compared to other states, however, the total number of questions is less than that in most states. For example, if you were taking the California permit test, you would have to answer 45 questions, almost three times as many.

Studying for The Permit Test PA

No matter how old you are or how much money you are prepared to invest in obtaining a license, the first place to start is the PA drivers manual. The manual covers the licensing procedure, road rules, traffic signs and safe driving practices, the real permit test is based solely on the information contained in the guide. Even if you choose alternative ways to study for the test, you should still read the manual to make sure you got everything covered.

Another popular way to prepare for the Pennsylvania permit test is taking one of the state-approved Pennsylvania drivers education courses. Although the state does not require you to take the class before you can take your PennDOT permit test, you should still consider doing so no matter how old you are. Teenagers who participate in the course will also be able to get a Pennsylvania drivers license sooner than those who don't.

Finally, there is also the practice permit test PA sample quiz. Practice tests cover the same areas as the real PennDOT permit test and they can help you pinpoint the problematic areas. You can find permit practice tests through commercial driving schools or various free sources. Remember: permit practice tests should only be used as a study aid, not the primary information source. All sample quizzes offered on the site, including the PennDOT practice permit test and the drivers permit practice test PA sample test are completely free and offer unlimited practice questions.

Taking the Pennsylvania Driver's Permit Exam

You must be at least 16 years old in order to be eligible for the Pennsylvania learners permit, so this is the minimum age at which you can take your drivers permit test. When you are ready for the exam, fill in the copy of the Non-commercial learners permit application form (DL-180). The back of the form must be completed by your medical provider prior to your visit to the DMV. The form can be downloaded online (it's the third page of the drivers handbook) and it is valid for 60 days, so make sure not to fill it out too early.

When you have the form, visit your nearest DMV office. You will need to have the following things with you in order to be able to take your Pennsylvania DMV permit test:

  • The learners permit application form
  • Proof of birth date
  • Proof of ID
  • Social Security card
  • Check or money order for the application fee
  • Parental consent form (if you are under 18 years of age)

Once at the office, your documents will be verified and you will be provided with your learners permit test. Once you successfully pass the test, you are granted with the official drivers permit.

If you do not pass the PA permit test the first time, the test supervisor will return your application form and you can retake the exam the next day. You can only take the test once at any given day. The application form is valid for 60 days and you should try to pass the permit test within this period.

Pennsylvania Permit Test FAQs

When you don't have time to read through lengthy articles and just need a simple PA permit test question answered, this is when these Pennsylvania permit test FAQs really come through! We covered all frequently asked questions about the written test in Pennsylvania! If you have a question that does not appear on the page, please post it here and we will get back to you shortly!

How many questions are there on the permit test in Pennsylvania?

The PA permit test has 18 multiple choice questions, it is one of the shortest written exams across the whole country.

How many questions can I miss on my Pennsylvania permit test?

You need to answer at least 15 questions from the PennDOT permit test correctly, you cannot miss more than 3 questions.