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Maine Drivers Ed - Maine Drivers Education

Maine Drivers Ed

Although the BMV in Maine only require teenage license applicants to take a drivers education class, every other driver can also elect to participate in the program. Maine drivers education classes will teach you many safe driving techniques that may one day save your life.

Graduated Drivers License In Maine

Almost every state has its graduated drivers license system which targets teenage drivers. The main reason why teens are subjected to these laws is the fact that they have the highest crash rates among the whole population. The GDL laws in Maine enforce compulsory drivers education classes and an extended learners permit holding period for every license applicant who is under 18 years of age.

Drivers Education Test

At the time of your application for the Maine learners permit, the BMV will test you on the driving rules and road signs. Good news for those who already took a driver's education course - you are probably well prepared for your BMV exam.

Those of you who decided to save a buck and did not take a drivers ed program can download a free BMV handbook and study on their own. Maine practice tests could be of a great assistance in the process.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

The drivers ed program in Maine is very similar to that in other states. The course includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, where you will learn rules of the road, traffic laws, safe driving techniques and the instructor will talk to you about driving under influence.

The program will also include 10 hours of behind the wheel driving lessons. And here is a "personal touch" from the Maine BMV - the parent must be present at the back seat during half of those hours. This is done because once the student is issued with the learners permit, he starts the supervised driving with his parents and they should be aware of what is to be done during these driving hours.

Drivers Education Classes

The classes are provided by the professional driving schools and it's up to you to choose the right drivers education school. You can ask your friends for recommendations if they have already went through the program. If you do not know anyone who took the class, check out the list of approved Maine drivers education classes.

Keep in mind: if you want to obtain your Maine drivers license before you are 18, you will have to complete a drivers education class!