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Arizona Permit Test AZ

Arizona Permit Test 2013

No matter how old you are at the moment, if you want to apply for a drivers license in Arizona and you don't have a drivers license issued by another state, you will need to take a 2013 Arizona permit test. The Arizona drivers permit test covers the current traffic laws, road signs and safe driving techniques. The minimum age for taking an Arizona DMV permit test is 15 years, 6 months, but you can start studying the drivers handbook and take a permit practice test for AZ much earlier, to give yourself sufficient time to prepare for the real exam at the DMV.

Arizona Permit Test Questions

The main reason why the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division has every new driver take a learners permit test is to make sure that the driver is no stranger to the current traffic law and is able to “read the road”. Due to this, the questions that you will encounter on the permit exam will cover a very wide range of topics - rules of the road, traffic signs and even defensive driving techniques.

Rules of the road or traffic rules question will aim at testing your knowledge of traffic regulations. A question from this area may ask you to specify when the headlights are to be used or when can you pass a vehicle on the right? Most of the first time Arizona operators permit applicants have problems with questions from this part of the Arizona DMV permit test.

Traffic signs is probably the easiest section because you see traffic signs every day when you go to school, to work or simply play on the street as a kid. By the time you get to taking a driver permit test, you are usually able to identify most of the common signs and you can get information about less common road signs in an Arizona permit test book.

Finally, there are permit questions that cover defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving questions usually quiz your ability to avoid getting into a dangerous situation and feature questions on safe following distances, blind spots and sharing the road with other vehicles.

Your Arizona permit test will have 30 questions on it and the passing score is 80%, which means you need to give at least 24 correct answers.

Help Sources for the Drivers Permit Test

If you are applying for your first Arizona drivers license, you may be at loss as to where to start your search for information and what materials you should use in order to ensure that you pass the AZ permit test the first time you take it. However, once you get started, you will see that there are plenty of information out there and most of it is completely free.

Obtaining an Arizona drivers manual is probably the first thing you should do. The manual covers the state licensing procedure, helps you determine the type of a license that is right for you and provides a comprehensive coverage of the state driving rules. In fact, the manual contains enough information for you to be able to pass your drivers permit test in AZ easily. You can even find a permit practice test that features practice questions at the back of the manual. If you find that one test is not enough, you can take a practice permit test for AZ free of charge through multiple online sources. Please note that we also offer an Arizona drivers permit practice test and the DMV practice test for Arizona. All sample questions are free and can be taken as many times as you need to prepare for the AZ permit test.

If you find that the book does not cut it for you, you may sign up for one of the Arizona drivers education classes. Drivers ed classes are usually much more extensive than the drivers handbook and they tend to concentrate more on various defensive driving techniques. Taking the course almost guarantees you passing the permit test in AZ, provided you don't just sit through the class but take an active part in the learning process.

Taking an Arizona Permit Test

You can take the Arizona DMV permit test at one of the DMV testing locations. According to the Arizona graduated drivers license law, you have to be at least 15 years and 6 months old in order to be eligible for a graduated instruction permit, so you cannot take the test earlier. No appointment for the Arizona DMV permit test is necessary, walk ins are accepted, but make sure to check the business hours for the location you are going to attend. When you arrive at the testing center, be prepared to do the following:

  • present proof of ID
  • present proof of age
  • provide your Social Security number
  • complete the application form
  • pay the permit application fee - $7
  • take a vision test
  • take the permit test

If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or a legal guardian to be present at the DMV office at the time of the application. Your parents will need to sign the application form.

If you fulfill these requirements and pass the tests successfully, you are granted either a graduated instruction permit or an operator instruction permit, depending on your age. This is not a full license and you must observe all learners permit restrictions until you take a road test and get a drivers license. For teenage drivers, some restrictions will apply even after a drivers license is gained. Please refer the to Arizona graduated license law for details.