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Kansas Permit Test

Kansas Permit Test 2013

Before you can get any time of a divers license or learners permit in Kansas, you have to submit to the 2013 Kansas permit test. The drivers permit test covers the state traffic laws and road signs and its purpose is to educate the driver and to help eliminate those drivers who are unable to operate a motor vehicle safely. More than a half of those who take the 2013 Kansas permit test for the first time fail it. Taking a Kansas permit practice test should help you determine whether you are ready for taking the real exam, saving you both time and money.

Kansas Permit Test Questions

The real Kansas permit test has 25 questions on it and you will need to answer at least 20 of them correctly, which means that the passing score is 80 percent. All permit test questions come directly from the Kansas DMV test handbook so they are available for study by anyone who may wish to do so. Amazingly, even though all study materials are widely available, more than a half of all first time permit test takers fail the exam.

One of the most common reasons for failing the permit test is failure to prepare for it. Most people are under the impression that general every-day knowledge of driving rules is more than enough for passing the test, which could not be further from the truth. The Division of Vehicles wants to makes sure that you learn virtually every driving rule there is before allowing you to get behind the wheel and go for a cruise, hence the permit test questions will cover a very wide range of topics.

To provide you with a better picture of what to expect, here is a free sample practice test question you can try to answer:

“The best way to bring your car out of a skid is to:

a) Turn the steering wheel first to right then to left
b) Apply the breaks quickly and hard
c) Turn the front wheels in the direction of the skid
d) Hold steering wheel to keep the wheels straight

You can find the correct answer to this question at the end of the page.

If you are able to answer 25 questions like the one above, then you have nothing to worry about. However, keep in mind that you have to know the answer and not just guess it. Guessing can help when you have a question or two to answer, but it will not get you through 25 questions. The only way to ensure that you pass the test the first time you take it is to study for it.

Preparing for the Kansas Permit Test

Many people spend hours trying to get an answer to the question “what is the best way to prepare for a Kansas permit test”, not realizing that this question simply does not have an answer. There is no best way to prepare for the test and you should choose the path that is right for you. When it comes to preparing for the test, you have many options, both free and paid but we advise that you always start by reading the official drivers manual. The manual won't cost you a dime and you can download it from the Department of Revenue website. The manual contains answers to all permit test questions, so in theory, you can learn everything just by reading this book.

If you want to get better results, you may supplement the book with a free Kansas permit practice test. Some students make the mistake of using the test as the only study resource and that does not usually give good results. Practice tests are very useful when you need to test yourself and to pinpoint the rules you may not understand as well as you thought, but you must already have a sound knowledge of the rules before you start taking them. You can find permit practice tests for Kansas from both paid and free sources. We offer a Kansas DMV practice test and a Kansas drivers license practice test on the site, both of them are free and feature unlimited number of practice sample questions.

Finally, we also have Kansas driver's education classes. Although the classes are not mandatory, they are a great way of learning the state driving rules. Drivers ed classes not only cover the basics of driving, they go deeper and provide you with a lot of information on defensive driving techniques. Generally, those who choose to complete a drivers education class become safer drivers in the future and insurance agencies recognize this by granting such people with car insurance discounts.

Drivers license applicants who are under 18 years of age have another reason for taking a drivers education class. According to Kansas graduated license laws, you can get a restricted drivers license at the age of 15, provided you have completed a state-certified drivers education class. If you choose not to take the course, the minimum age for obtaining a restricted license is 16. Completion of a state-recognized drivers education program may also excuse you from taking a drivers permit test when you apply for a drivers permit

Taking a Drivers Permit Test

The minimum age for applying for a Kansas learners permit is 14. At this age, you can visit a drivers license testing center and take the Kansas DMV permit test. There is no need to make an appointment, permit testing is provided on the first come first serve basis and you can take the exam any time during the regular business hours. When you arrive at the testing site, please be prepared to do the following:

  • provide proof of age and identity
  • present proof of legal presence
  • provide proof of Kansas residency
  • fill in an application for drivers license form
  • pay the testing fee
  • take a vision exam
  • take the permit test

If you are under 16 years of age, you must have a parent or legal guardian to be present at the time of the application. Your parents will need to sign the application, you will not be tested without parental consent.

If you do not pass the test the first time you take it, you can come back and take the exam again the next business day. You have four attempts at passing the permit test and you fail them, you will have to wait at least six months before taking the test again.

You have to remember that your permit comes with numerous drivers permit restrictions and you must observe them at all times until you get a Kansas drivers license. Failure to observe these restrictions may result in you losing the driving privilege altogether.

The correct answer to the sample permit test question is c - turn the front wheels in the direction of the skid.