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Studying for the permit exam is hard, there is a huge number of rules to learn, signs to memorize, regulations to go over. Most people are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to absorb before they can take a permit test. The matters get even more complicated if you are a teenager who has a busy schedule: school to attend, sports games, free time. This is where the practice permit test comes in! This free sample exam allows you to save a huge amount of time that you can spend on things you like, such as handing out with your friends! Taking the permit practice test also boosts your confidence and allows you to perform much better during your real permit test at the DMV! Don't miss your chance and take this free practice permit test today!

Free DMV practice tests are offered by a large number of sources. Some of them are private commercial companies; others are non-profit organizations, such as the DMV. Why should you choose one or another?

Well, the first thing that worries you - are the DMV permit practice tests really free? And if you are looking at the commercial website, chances are that they are not. Most companies offer just 1 free DMV practice test and make you pay for the rest of the package if you want to take more than one DMV sample test. Furthermore, you have to sign up for a package before you can get to your free practice permit test, which means you will need to submit your name and e-mail address to the website. The e-mail address is stored in the database and will most likely be used to spam your inbox with various offers. And yes, it is completely legal because when you sign up for the driver practice test, you state that you agree to Terms and Conditions (does anyone ever read those?) and they usually state that the company may use your e-mail address to send you product updates and various offers. So basically, by taking this free DMV practice permit test, you automatically sign up for a stream of spam messages.

Another common problem with large companies that offer free DMV permit tests is that the tests are frequently not state-specific. That means that the company creates a database of general driving-related questions and then just generates generic tests that match neither the format of your state, nor do they address state-specific driving rules and regulations. Such permit practice tests are good for evaluation of your general knowledge, but have nothing to do with the real DMV permit test.

By now you should be asking, “where do I get a real permit practice test”. The best place to look for those are the actual DMV websites. You can find a local DMV site through Yahoo or Google and then just browse it for permit practice tests (they are ALWAYS free on those websites).

If you have limited access to the Internet, you may also pick up a copy of a driver manual from a local DMV office, they usually have a few permit tests at the back of the book.

Some non-commercial websites also offer DMV practice tests free of charge, so you should make full use of those.

Long story short, next time you get to the website that offers a free DMV permit test, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are the permit tests really free?
  2. Are the DMV tests state-specific?
  3. Do the tests follow the DMV test format for my state?

If you can answer yes to all of these, you found yourself a good spot to take the DMV permit test!


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