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Tennessee Permit Test

Tennessee Permit Test 2013

When you are applying for a learners permit or drivers license, the state requires you to take the 2013 Tennessee permit test. The test features questions on a wide range of topics, such as traffic signs, safe driving principles and rules of the road. Over a half of all first time permit applicants fail their Tennessee learners permit test the first time they take it, so if should really invest some time into preparing for the knowledge exam if you want to pass it on your first try. When you think you are ready to take the real permit test, take the 2013 practice permit test TN sample quiz first, it will show you if you're truly ready.

Tennessee Permit Test Questions

Tennessee drivers permit test has 30 multiple choice questions that cover such topics as traffic signs and signals, safe driving principles, rules of the road and drug and alcohol awareness. The questions are divided almost equally between all these topics, so you may expect to get 7-8 questions for each subject.

In order to pass your Tennessee learners permit test, you will need to answer at least 24 out of 30 questions correctly. If you got the score - you are through and you are awarded with a Tennessee learner permit. Those who fail the test will need to retake it and the time they have to wait until the test can be retaken depends on the score they get. At the moment, the waiting time for retaking the drivers permit test is as following:

  • 21-23 correct answers - the test can be retaken the next day
  • 18-20 correct answers - must wait seven days before retaking the test
  • 15-17 correct answers - must wait 14 days before retaking the permit test
  • fewer than 15 correct answers - must wait 30 days before retaking the exam

The Department of Safety uses these waiting periods in order to encourage all Tennessee drivers license applicants to study hard prior to taking the learner permit test. Ideally, you should pass the knowledge exam the first time you take it.

Studying for the Tennessee Permit Test

You can apply for a learners permit as soon as you turn 18, however there is nothing that prevents you from starting your preparation for the drivers permit test sooner. It is best to allow yourself at least a month for learning the Tennessee driving laws and road signs, so the sooner you start, the more prepared you will be on the day of your test.

The first place for you to start your lessons is the Tennessee drivers manual. The drivers license book contains everything a new driver needs to know - how to apply for a learners permit or drivers license, the state driving laws, traffic signs and the graduated drivers license laws. The questions you will get on your Tennessee permit exam come directly from the drivers handbook and it's the only resource you need, provided reading is your preferred method of study.

If you need something different, you may sign up for a professional Tennessee driver education class. Drivers ed classes are usually much more thorough and provide a lot more information than a driver handbook does. Drivers ed classes also tend to concentrate more on the safety aspects of driving as opposed to just teaching you the driving laws. Some of the classes will have behind the wheel lessons incorporated into them, so you will also get a chance to practice driving lessons with a professional driving instructor. The downside of all drivers ed courses is usually the price - most of the classes will cost $300-$400.

Finally, there are also Tennessee permit practice tests that can help you evaluate your current level of preparation. Many license applicants make the mistake of using practice tests as their only source of information while preparing for the learners permit exam and that is not the way to go. Practice tests are usually designed just to test your general knowledge of driving rules and they never cover every possible question you may get on the real test. You should use the permit practice tests to compliment reading a drivers handbook or taking a drivers ed program. You can also find a TN DMV practice test and a Tennessee drivers permit practice test on the site, these sample tests are completely free and have unlimited questions that you can take over and over again.

Taking a Drivers Permit Test

The minimum age for taking a learners permit test is 15. If you are at least 15 years old, you can visit a nearest full service drivers license station and apply for a Tennessee driver permit. No appointment is necessary, Tennessee DMV permit tests are provided on the walk in basis. When you are at the office, please be prepared to do the following:

  • provide proof of name
  • provide proof of birth date
  • present proof of residency
  • provide your Social Security number
  • fill in the application form
  • pay the application fee
  • take a vision exam
  • take the permit test

If you are under 18 years of age when you are applying for a permit, you are required to have your parents or legal guardians to be present at the time of the application. Your parents will need to sign a Minor/Teenage affidavit, stating that they accept financial responsibility for you as a young driver. If you are under 18 years of age, you must also present proof of school attendance or high school completion.

Most of the drivers license offices will provide the permit test in an electronic form, however you may still find a location that offers a regular written exam. Electronic permit testing is provided in three languages other than English: Spanish, Korean and Japanese. If you don't speak any of these languages, you may use a dictionary for taking the test. The dictionary cannot contain any notes and handwriting. The dictionary must be a regular paper dictionary, you cannot use any electronic devices during the test.

If you are caught cheating on your Tennessee permit test, you will be failed and you won't be able to retake the exam for at least 30 days.

Once you pass the test, you are issued with a learners permit that allows you to start driving under the supervision of another licensed driver. Please check out all Tennessee permit and license restrictions before you get out on the road.