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Virginia DMV Permit Test VA

Virginia Permit Test 2013

If this is the first drivers license you are applying for, you will need to start by taking the 2013 Virginia permit test. The DMV permit test covers the road signs, traffic rules and safe driving practices and it's main goal is to test whether you know the driving rules well enough to start your driving lessons. You have three attempts at passing your 2013 DMV VA permit test before the state forces you to take a mandatory drivers education program, so make sure to invest some time into studying for the permit test and take a free 2013 DMV practice test VA sample quiz before you hit the real thing!

Virginia DMV Permit Test Questions

The DMV test in VA is divided into two parts. The first part covers the road signs and it contains 10 questions. You must answer all of these questions correctly before you can proceed to the second part of the test. If you answer even one question incorrectly, you fail your permit exam.

The second part of the Virginia permit test covers the traffic laws and safe driving techniques. This part of the test has 25 questions on it and the passing score is 80%, which means that you need to answer at least 20 questions correctly.

Please note that if you pass the first part of the learners permit test and then fail the second part, the next time you take the DMV test you will have to take both parts of the test again.

The permit test questions come directly from the Virginia drivers permit test manual. You can download a free copy of the manual online or pick up a printed copy at one of the local DMV offices. The drivers manual also contains a practice permit test that you can use to see what kind of questions to expect on the real exam.

Studying for The DMV Test VA

There is no shortage of study materials when it comes to preparing for the permit test, there are both free and paid resources that you can use. The first place to start is definitely the official drivers handbook mentioned above as it contains everything you need to know for the exam. The information featured in the book is provided in the form that is very easy to understand, so most likely you will not need any additional study materials.

If you are one of those overachievers, you may sign up for one of the Virginia drivers education classes. The course does a great job of preparing you for the driving permit test and it contains a lot more information on safe driving techniques than the regular driver handbook does. The downside - it cost money. An approved drivers education course is sold for $300-500, however it's money well spent it you consider it as an investment into your own safety.

Finally, there is also the Virginia practice permit test. Practice tests are available from commercial driving schools, but you can also find some free packages. Most of the commercial schools offers a free sample practice permit test that would at least allow you to see what kind of wording will be used on the real exam. Please remember that the DMV practice test VA sample exam was not intended to be used as a stand alone study guide and you must supplement it with reading a drivers manual or taking a drivers ed class. We also offer a Virginia drivers permit practice test that you may find useful.

Taking The DMV Permit Test

According to the current Virginia graduated drivers license law, the minimum age for taking your Virginia learners permit test is 15 years, 6 months. The test can be taken at any DMV office and no appointment is necessary, you can just show up during the regular business hours. You will need to do the following when you come to the DMV office for your Virginia DMV permit test:

  • provide proof of birth date
  • provide proof of Virginia residency
  • provide proof of identity
  • fill in the application for learners permit
  • pay the learners permit fee
  • take a vision examination

For applicants who are under 19 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must co-sign the application form. Applicants under the age of 19 can't obtain a Virginia learners permit without parental consent.

In Virginia, permit tests are available in English and Spanish. If you don't speak any of these languages, you may use the services of an interpreter. An oral test may also be given should such need arise.

If you fail the DMV permit test, you need to wait at least 15 days before you can have another go at it. Learners permit applicants who are at least 18 years of age can pay the fee of $2 to avoid waiting for this period, however we advise that you use this time to prepare for retaking the test. You only have three attempts at the test before the DMV forces you to take a mandatory classroom drivers education class.

Once you pass the DMV test, you will be issued with a learners permit that allows you to practice driving under the supervision of another licensed driver. Your Virginia drivers license will be granted to you once you pass the driver test. Applicants under the age of 18 will be granted with a provisional drivers license that will still have some restrictions until the licensee reaches the age of 18.

Virginia Permit Test FAQs

Looking for a page with straightforward answers to all questions you have about your Virginia DMV permit test? You found it! All nonsense aside, no need to browse through lengthy articles looking for those answers: we got answers to all VA permit test questions right here! If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page, don't hesitate to post it into comments and we will put it up on the page shortly!

How many questions are on the VA permit test?

The DMV permit test in Virginia has two parts: road signs and road rules. The road signs part of the test has 10 questions, the road rules part of the test has 25 questions.

How many questions do I need to answer on Virginia permit test?

In order to pass the permit test in VA, you need to answer 10 questions on road signs and 20 questions on road rules. Making even a single mistake on road signs will automatically fail the whole test.