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Idaho Permit Test

Idaho Permit Test 2013

Everyone applying for a drivers license in Idaho has to take a written permit test at some point. If you are applying for a permit without taking a drivers education course, you have to take the 2013 Idaho permit test before being issued with a class D drivers permit. Those who go through a graduated drivers license program have to take the Idaho permit test before being issued with their first drivers license. Permit testing is conducted at the county sheriff's offices and you may check the nearest testing location on the Idaho DMV website. The questions on the Idaho permit test 2013 cover the state driving rules, traffic laws, road signs and safe driving practices.

Idaho Permit Test Questions

The questions that are presented on the Idaho permit test cover such topics as driver safety, road rules and traffic signs. In a few words, they cover everything there is to know about driving that could help you become a safe and confident driver. There are 40 questions on the instruction permit test and you can only miss six of them. This makes the passing score for the Idaho DMV permit test 85%, significantly higher than for most other states.

The DMV does not make it a secret that all information you need to pass the permit test is contained in the official Idaho learners permit test book. Still, the number of people who fail their written test the first time they take it is very high, due to the fact that many people fail to prepare for the exam. Unfortunately, most of the first time applicants are under the wrong impression that general knowledge of driving rules and procedures is sufficient for passing the test, which cannot be further from the truth. The state wants to make sure that you not only know the basics, but are able to get through any situation that may arise on the road and that is why the permit test presents challenging questions before the license applicants. Here is a sample practice questions that can give you an idea of what you may encounter on the real permit exam.

“Passing is prohibited _______”.

A. On hills, curves or other obstructions on two-lane roads that prevent you from seeing oncoming vehicles that might pose a hazard.
B. Within 150 feet of an intersection unless otherwise indicated by traffic-control devices
C. Within 100 feet of a railroad, unless you can clearly see that there are no trains in the vicinity
D. When a school bus is stopped to load or unload passengers
E. When a vehicle ahead of you has stop at a marked or unmarked crosswalk to let a pedestrian stop.

You have to select all correct answers to the question. Although you can find the correct answers at the end of the page, we urge you to search the drivers manual for this information.

The only way for you ensure that you pass the Idaho DMV permit test the first time you take it is to study the rules as much as possible.

Preparing for The Idaho Permit Test

There are many ways you can prepare for your permit exam, some are free while others are not. There is no way to tell which ones are better and taking a paid class does not necessarily guarantee you passing the DMV permit test the first time you take it. If you are over 17 years of age, the Idaho graduated drivers license law does not apply to you, which means that you do not have to take any additional classes before being license and thus, you don't have to pay anything extra for preparing for the test. You can prepare just by reading the drivers license handbook, which is provided by the Idaho DMV free of charge. You can download a copy of the book from the DMV website or pick up a copy at one of the driver license offices.

Practice tests is another great way to supplement your lessons. Although the DMV does not officially endorse any online practice permit tests, due to the fact that some of them don't represent the real Idaho permit test correctly, if you find a state-specific Idaho practice permit test, it will be of great help to you. Make sure you don't overestimate the usefulness of the tests and use them only in conjunction with the drivers handbook. Remember that we also offer a free Idaho DMV practice test and an Idaho drivers license practice test that you can take as many times as you wish.

Finally, we also have drivers education classes. If you are under 17 years of age, taking an Idaho drivers education class is mandatory and you may do so either through a public school or one of the commercial driving schools. A state-certified drivers education class must contain at least 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind the wheel practice and six hours of in car observation. Make sure that the course you choose to attend satisfies these requirements and is endorsed by the Idaho Department of Education before you sign up.

If you are over 17 years of age, you do not have to take a drivers education program prior to applying for an Idaho drivers license, but taking the class carries a number of advantages, apart from preparing you for your drivers permit test. Drivers who took a drivers education class are generally less likely to be involved in a traffic accident than those who don't and insurance companies recognize this fact by offering car insurance discounts to those who complete drivers ed.

Taking the Idaho Permit Test

The permit test can be taken at any county sheriff's office. A complete list of testing stations can be found in the drivers handbook or the DMV website.

Please note that the time when you take your permit test depends on what type of an Idaho learners permit you are applying for. Minors under the age of 17 who have to take a drivers training program have to apply for a drivers training permit prior to enrolling in a class. In such cases, knowledge testing is conducted before the applicant is issued with a drivers license, not learners permit. Applicants who are not going through a drivers training program and choose to apply for a class D instruction permit have to take a permit test before they can be issued with a permit.

When you arrive at the DMV for your test, please be prepared to present the following:

  • proof of Idaho residency
  • proof of age and identity
  • acceptable legal presence documents
  • Social Security Number

Vision testing is also compulsory for all drivers license and learners permit applicants.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or legal guardian be present at the testing station at the time of your application. One of your parents will need to sign a consent form, accepting liability for your actions behind the wheel.

School attendance is an important part of the GDL law and all Idaho permit test takers under the age of 18 must provide proof of current school enrollment or successful graduation.

Permit testing is provided in the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish and Vietnamese. However, if you choose to take the test in one of the foreign languages, you must still demonstrate the ability to read and understand traffic signs in English

Usage of study aids is prohibited during taking the test. The permit test is not an open-book exam and if you are observed using study aids, your test will be failed. This covers, but is not limited to, any books, audio or communication devices.

If you fail your Idaho permit test, you will have to wait at least three days before taking the test again. The testing fee of $3 must be paid every time you take the test.

Practice Test Answers

The correct answers to the practice test questions are as following:

A. On hills, curves or other obstructions on two-lane roads that prevent you from seeing oncoming vehicles that might pose a hazard.
D. When a school bus is stopped to load or unload passengers
E. When a vehicle ahead of you has stop at a marked or unmarked crosswalk to let a pedestrian stop.