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Florida Permit Test FL

Florida Permit Test 2013

If you ever intend to get a license in Florida, permit test will always be your first step. The 2013 Florida permit test can be taken online or at one of the driver license offices, whichever you find more suitable. Applicants under the age of 18 must complete a compulsory 4 hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness course prior to taking the DMV permit test Florida 2013. If you are looking for Florida permit test questions, go ahead and take a free Florida permit practice test!

Florida Permit Test Questions

Florida permit test is structured in a very similar manner to permit exams that are offered in other states. The learners permit exam is divided into two parts - the Road signs test and the Road rules test. Each section has 20 questions on it and you need to give at least 15 correct answers for both the road signs and the road rules tests, which makes the passing score is 75%. Please remember that this is a minimum score that you need to get on each section of the Florida drivers permit test, if you get a lower score on one of the sections, you fling the whole exam.

Studying for The Florida DMV Permit Test

Studying for the Florida permit test has never been easier, with study materials being available both online and offline. If you are looking for a place to start, then grab yourself a copy of the Florida drivers handbook. You can download a free copy online or order a printed version to be sent to you. The printed manuals come at a certain price.

If you are looking for that extra edge, you can sign up for one of the Florida drivers education programs. Please do not confuse these classes with the 4 hour drug and alcohol awareness course that has to be taken by every learners permit applicant who is under 18 years of age as part of the Florida graduated license system. Four hour classes do not prepare you for the driver's permit test and you need to go through the drivers handbook or one of the classes offered by various commercial driving schools.

Finally, we have the Florida permit practice test. You can find plenty of these permit practice tests online, some are intended for the online use only while others can be printed out. Both free and paid version are available. The good thing about taking a practice test is that it shows you what kind of questions you can expect on your real Florida DMV learners permit test. However, practice questions should not be used as a stand-alone product as they do not contains answers to all questions you will see on the permit exam. Please remember that the Florida drivers permit practice test and the Florida DMV practice test that are offered on this website are free and you can take these practice questions as many times as you wish.

Taking the Permit Test Florida Quiz

The minimum age for obtaining a Florida learners permit is 15 and you can take the learners permit test on your birthday. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (commonly known as DMV or DHSMV) is very flexible when it comes to taking the test. Unlike most other states, Florida fully endorses the onset of online technologies and even allows for the online permit testing. Yes, you did not misread, you can take the Florida permit test online through one of the certified test providers and your results will be electronically forwarded to the Florida DHSMV. Although this does not save you the trip to the drivers license office, as you still have to go in to show proper ID and file the paperwork, it takes most of the stress out of the procedure. Unfortunately, the option to take the permit test Florida quiz online is available only to those under 18 years of age, everyone else has to take the test in person at one of the DHSMV facilities.

If you choose to take the drivers permit exam in person, you can do so at any drivers license office. Although making an appointment is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to do so and may save you a lot of time. Appointments can be made through the DHSMV website, you will see all timeslots currently available for your area.

When you show up at the drivers license office for your Florida DMV permit test appointment, be prepared to do the following:

  • present two forms of identification
  • provide proof of Social Security number
  • provide proof of residency
  • submit the learners permit application form
  • take a vision test
  • take a permit test (if you have not completed it online yet)

If you are under 18 years of age, you will also need to present proof of completion of the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse 4 hour course and have your parent co-sign the application.

If you fulfill the requirements and pass the test, you will be issued with your permit. Applicants over the age of 18 can apply for the Florida drivers license the same day, while those who are under 18 years of age will have to fulfill the GDL requirements first.