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Drivers License

In the modern world, drivers license means much more than just a piece of plastic or a sheet of paper. Driver’s license - or driver license, drivers license, driving license, operator’s license - is the way to freedom, freedom to move around any time, any day. Although possession of a drivers license is a great thing, it is also a great responsibility that has to be treated with all possible seriousness by all drivers license holders.

How to Obtain A Drivers License

Although the process of obtaining a drivers license varies between different countries and different states, is usually comes down to a few simple steps. The first step is usually passing the DMV permit test, which covers traffic rules and road signs and ensures that the driver license applicant knows the theory behind driving and will be able to judge the on-road situations correctly. You may wish to take a permit practice test before you go in for the real thing, just to see how well you can do. Once you pass the written test, you are issued with the learners permit. The second step in obtaining a driver license is to pass the actual drivers test and demonstrate the ability to operate a motor vehicle.

For details on obtaining a drivers license in the Unites States, please read our online driver’s license guides.

Driver License Classes and Types

The modern civilization produced a huge variety of motor-driven mechanisms. Some of them are as small as a scooter, others as large as a mining truck. Operating these vehicles requires different level of drivers training, experience and proficiency and that is where different drivers license types and classes step in. Each drivers license type has its own limitations and allows only for operation of certain vehicles. The majority of drivers out there only need to obtain the basic drivers license that would allow them operation of regular vehicles and thus they only undergo basic training and gain only the skills required.

Drivers License as Means of Identification

Apart from giving the holder the right to drive, drivers license is also used as primary means of identification in many countries throughout the world. It is very convenient both from the citizen’s point of view - you do not have to carry 50 different papers as proof of identity - and from the government agencies - all information is stored in one place and can be easily accessed if needed. Some counties don’t even require you to carry the drivers license with you - as long as you know the drivers license number, police can always check your identity in a matter of seconds.

Graduated Drivers License

If you are under 18 years of age, most states will have you go through a graduated drivers license program before you can be issued with a full unrestricted drivers license. Graduated drivers license programs are a combination of measures that were designed to reduce the number of fatal accidents among teens. Graduated drivers's license programs feature a number of permit restrictions and quite frequently have teenagers go through a drivers education course.