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Michigan Permit Test

Michigan Permit Test 2013

Taking a Michigan permit test is one of the first steps towards achieving a driver's license. Depending on your age, you may take the 2013 Michigan learners permit test as part of your drivers education program or as a stand alone exam at the nearest Secretary of State office. Passing the Michigan driver's permit test proves that you know the state driving rules well enough to proceed to the next stage - the actual driving. In Michigan, you may be taking this this either before applying for a level 1 driver license or a temporary instruction permit, however, for the sake of simplicity, we will combine these two definitions and refer to them as the 2013 Michigan permit test.

Michigan Permit Test Questions

Although the permit test is not hard, many students make the mistake of overestimating their level of preparation. Of course, most of us know the basic driving rules and traffic signs, but this is usually not enough to pass your Michigan drivers permit test. The questions featured on the DMV permit test cover the traffic laws, road signs and some basic defensive driving techniques. The passing score for the Michigan learners permit test is 80% - the exam has 50 questions and you must answer at least 40 of them correctly if you want to walk out with your Michigan temporary instruction permit.

Studying for a Michigan DMV Permit Test

The information below would interest mostly applicants who are over 18 years of age and are applying for the Michigan temporary learners permit. Those who are under 18 years of age are subject to the Michigan graduated license law and are required to take the permit exam as part of the compulsory driver's education program. The driver's education class teaches you everything you need in order to be able to pass the exam, you will attend the actual in person classes and your driving instructor will get you ready for the test.

If you are 18 and older, you may also choose to take a driver's ed class prior to taking your Michigan permit test, although the state does not require you to do so. Apart from learning the rules of the road and getting some hands-on driving experience while monitored by a professional driving instructor, the class also make you eligible for an insurance discount.

If you choose to skip the class, you should probably start by locating the official Michigan driver license test handbook. The book is published by the Michigan DMV and contains the most up to date information regarding the current traffic laws. The drivers manual has a detailed description of the Michigan driver licensing procedure and covers all relevant traffic laws and road signs. This information should be more than enough for you to pass your Michigan permit test.

If you are uncertain whether you are ready for the knowledge exam, you may wish to take a Michigan practice permit test. Practice tests is a good way for you to evaluate your current level of preparation and pinpoint the areas you may need to study a little better. Michigan permit practice tests can be downloaded free of charge or you purchase a test package from one of the commercial driving schools. Remember that we also offer a free Michigan DMV practice test and a Michigan drivers license practice test with unlimited sample test questions.

Taking a Michigan Drivers Permit Test

As already mentioned earlier, the way you take your Michigan driver's permit test largely depends on how old you are. Those who are under 18 years of age take the test at the drivers ed school whole those who are over 18 years of age have to take the permit test at one of the Secretary of State offices.

No appointment is necessary for taking the permit test, however you may wish to contact the office of your choice to find out what are the best hours to come so you can avoid standing in line. When you are at the office for your Michigan DMV permit test, be ready to present the following documents:

  • proof of Social Security Number
  • proof of citizenship or legal presence
  • proof of ID

Once you fill in the application form and pay the fee, you will be able to take your Michigan permit exam. The permit exam will also be followed by a vision test, provided you answer all permit questions correctly.

Teens who are applying for a level 1 driver license must also show up at the DMV office and present the paperwork required for obtaining a license, however, no permit testing will be conducted for them.

Permit test are usually available in a number of languages apart from English, but you have to contact your designated DMV office to find out what options are offered there. You may also hire an interpreter if there is no testing available in your language.