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Тoday we are looking at one of the questions from our Indiana BMV practice test that deals with identifying road signs by shape. Identifying road signs by shape is an important skill since it allows you to prioritize road signs even if you are moving past them at high speed and figure the meaning of the sign even if you did not have enough time to read the message on it. The BMV recognizes the importance of this skills and frequently includes questions that ask you to identify a road sign by shape or color into the Indiana permit test. If you have not read the drivers manual yet and do not know how road signs differentiate by shape and color, please do so before you proceed further with this question.

Questions on road signs have always been an important part of the Connecticut permit test and you should invest sufficient time into studying them. Most people think they can answer questions on road signs without studying the manual and fail badly when they visit the DMV to take their permit test. Some states have separate sections of the test that include only road signs and students cannot fail even one question on road signs if they want to pass the exam. Today we are looking at one of the sample CT permit test question on road signs. Make sure to check out the complete Connecticut permit practice test if you want to do more practice questions before you hit the office!

If you take care of your car, check tire pressure frequently, replace the tires when they are worn out and visit your mechanic for regular - the chance of one of you having a blowout are close to zero. However, you must still know what to do should you have one and how to maintain control of your vehicle in this situation. The permit test in Arizona has a number of questions on defensive driving techniques and this is why we tried to include as many of them as possible into our Arizona practice permit test, make sure to check it out once you are done with this question!

  • Adult Drivers Ed for Illinois Drivers License Applicants

    The landscape of the Illinois licensing scene may change quite radically very soon. The Illinois House has passed a measure that will require even adult drivers license applicants to go through one of the Illinois drivers education course if they have not completed drivers ed at school. Previously, those who applied for the Illinois drivers license at the age of 18 and older did not have to take any additional courses or programs, passing the Illinois permit test on road rules and road signs and then the Illinois driving test was sufficient for obtaining a license.

  • New Look for NYS Drivers License

    New York is getting ready to switch to a new type of drivers license the likes of which has never been seen before. Even though the latest NY drivers license spots a monochrome retro-style look, it is packed with hi tech security features that make this drivers license virtually impossible to forge. The main difference of the new drivers license is that it is manufactured from laser-engraved polycarbonate and features multiple security levels that will provide ultimate protection of personal information under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Real ID system.

  • Teen Crashes Hyundai Elantra At 115 MPH

    Previously, we would have been able to answer the question “is Hyundai Elantra a good first car for a teen” without any hesitation: yes, it is. Hyundai Elantra is so good that it was even named the best car for teens by consumer reports in 2011, along with another car from Hyundai - Sonata. Hyundai Elantra is a compact sedan that has the best fuel economy in its class, handles beautifully, looks great and is packed with safety features - everything a parent needs before handing the keys to an excited teenager. However, a recent accident on a Texas highway near Dallas shows that even the safest cars tend to fail. A teenage driver crashed his Elantra at the speed of 115 mph after an alleged electronic system failure that left him without an ability to stop.

  • Ready To Throw Your Drivers License Away? Google Driverless Car Is Here!

    Google is working on the invention that will literally change the world - a car that does not require a driver. While the possibility has been drooled over by sci-fi fans around the world for a few decades now, no one has ever come even close to building a prototype that was ready for on-road trials. Most of the projects that were introduced by car manufacturers required a whole new infrastructure to be built: new roads, guiding systems, positioning systems, etc. Google went another way and fit all those things into a mass-produced vehicle. Better yet - Google driverless car has already undergone extensive trials, on a racing track and even on real public roads. The government in Nevada and California are working with Google on adjusting the legislative system to this new possibility and Nevada already licenses driverless cars. So, are you ready to finally throw your drivers license away?

  • Practice Permit Test is Up Again!

    Hello again, everyone. Looks like we are back up, the website is loading regularly and the permit practice test is available again! Sorry for these last couple of hours when some of you could not load the website, we feel your pain. However, now everything is right again, so you can log in and take as many practice sample questions as you wish. Remember, the 2013 practice test is free and there is an unlimited number of questions available!

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