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Minnesota Permit Test

Minnesota Permit Test 2013

Everyone who is applying for a drivers license in Minnesota must take the state permit test. The 2013 Minnesota permit test was designed to test your knowledge of the road signs and traffic laws. The learners permit test must be taken by all license applicants, no matter the age. Those who currently hold a drivers license issued by a different state or country and would like to exchange it for a Minnesota license will also be subjected to the MN permit test.

Minnesota Permit Test Questions

The questions on the Minnesota permit test cover two aspects of driving - the state road signs and the driving laws. Statistics tell us that most of the first time Minnesota drivers license applicants fail their permit test the first time they take it, they tend to do well on the road signs section, but when it comes to answering the questions about traffic rules, they fail miserably. The reason for this is because most of the applicants fail to appreciate the fact that common knowledge about driving rules that is usually acquired on the street is not enough and you have to prepare in order to be able to pass the test. Of course, you might have heard many responses on the Internet, with people saying that the permit test questions are very easy and they passed the permit test the first time they took it. The reason why you mostly hear such responses is because those who fail don't tend to go on Facebook or Twitter and brag about failing more than half of they permit test questions, it's simply embarrassing.

Just to give you an idea of what you will be up against, here is a sample Minnesota permit test question that is similar to what you get on the real test.

“When you are following a vehicle that is moving in the same direction as you, your headlights must be on low beam if the vehicle you're following is within:

  1. 150 feet
  2. 175 feet
  3. 200 feet
  4. 250 feet

You can find the correct answer to this question at the bottom of the page. As you can see, it is no brainer, but you must know the answer so you have to take active steps towards learning these things.

Your Minnesota instruction permit test will contain 40 multiple choice and true or false questions like the one above. The passing score for the test is 80%, so you have to answer at least 32 questions correctly.

How to Prepare for Your Minnesota Permit Test

Let's be honest, there is no magic way to learn the driving rules overnight. There is quite a bit of new stuff for you to absorb, so preparing for your learners permit test will take some time. Fortunately, most of us don't have to spend a buck on getting ready for the exam as there are plenty of free study materials out there.

The best place to start is the official Minnesota DMV test manual. The manual is provided by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety absolutely free of charge and it contains all recent changes to the driving law. You can download the drivers handbook off the DPS's website or grab a free copy at the nearest drivers license office.

Although studying the book should be enough to pass the Minnesota permit test, some of the future drivers look for additional study options and Minnesota drivers ed classes provide a great opportunity to prepare for the learner's permit exam, while also learning safe driving practices, defensive driving techniques and get some behind the wheel experience with a professional driving instructor. State-approved drivers ed courses contain 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel experience and it's a great choice for those who would like to invest time and money into their safety. The downside of these classes is usually the price - you will have to spend at least $200-300 on the program.

Please note that if you are applying for a drivers license or learners permit and you are 17 years of age or younger, you are subject to the Minnesota graduated drivers license law and completion of a drivers ed program is mandatory. You must complete the classroom portion of a drivers ed class and receive your certificate of enrollment, the Blue Card, before you can take your permit test at one of the testing locations.

Finally, there is also the practice permit test MN sample quiz. The good news is that you should not have any problems locating a free Minnesota practice test. The bad news is that taking the practice tests alone won't get you prepared for your real permit test at the drivers license testing station. Practice tests can show you your weak spots and point out the topics of the drivers handbook you may need to concentrate on, but you should not use it as the only means of studying for the permit exam. Remember that we also offer unlimited sample questions on the free Minnesota DMV practice test and the Minnesota drivers permit practice test on the site.

Taking Your Minnesota Drivers Permit Test

The minimum age for obtaining a Minnesota learners permit is 15, so this is the minimum age for taking a permit test. However, as outlined above, you should start studying for the test well in advance.

When you are ready to take your learners permit test, you can visit one of the drivers testing stations during their regular business hours and submit your application for a permit. You can locate a nearest drivers testing station through the Minnesota DPS's website.

When you arrive at the testing station to take your Minnesota DPS permit test, please be prepared to do the following:

  • present proof of birth date
  • present proof of ID
  • provide proof of Minnesota residency
  • provide your Social Security number
  • submit the application for a learners permit
  • take a vision test
  • take the permit test

If you are under 18 years of age, there are additional requirements that you must meet. When you show up for your permit test, you will need to present the certificate of enrollment in a drivers education class, the Blue Card, which proves that you already completed the classroom portion of drivers ed and are enrolled in behind the wheel lessons. As a minor, you will also need to have a parent or legal guardian to sign your application form, granting you authorization to be licensed. Your parent will also be able to withdraw this authorization any time before you turn 18.

The permit test can be provided in written form or you may take an electronic test if the testing station is equipped with computers. Electronic tests are available in a number of languages other than English. You may also be given a pair of headphones so you can hear the questions along with reading them on the screen.

If you fail the permit test the first time, you can come back the next day and retake it. However, we advise against it, you should probably take some time learning the questions you could not answer on the test. Although you can take your Minnesota permit test as many times as you want, if you fail the test more than twice, the DPS will start charging you $10 for every attempt at taking the exam. So be smart and don't waste your time and money, study for the knowledge exam before you go in to take it.

Once you pass the test, you are granted a learners permit that allows you to prepare for your Minnesota drivers test. At this point, you cannot drive alone and must have a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age accompany you at all times while you driving. You must also have a clean record and observe all other Minnesota permit restrictions before you can get your drivers license.

The correct answer to the sample permit questions is #3 - 200 feet.