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Montana Drivers License

Montana Drivers License

No matter how old you are, if you want to drive on Montana roads, you will have to obtain the Montana drivers license. Although the licensing procedure may seem a little complicated, applying for Montana drivers license is not as hard as seen by some.

Montana Drivers License Types

As there are many different types of vehicles out there on the road, there are also different types of licenses that grant you the privilege to operate those vehicles. At the moment, you can apply for one of the following Montana drivers licenses:

  • Class D. Regular drivers license which is suitable for operating most of the common vehicles.
  • Class M. Motorcycle license. Required for those who would like to ride a motorcycle.
  • Class A, B and C. Commercial driving licenses, CDLs.

First-time license applicants will need to start by applying for the regular driver’s license before they can upgrade to a different license type. The basic training you receive while applying for your class D license will serve as a base for the future advanced drivers training courses you need to take in order to receive upgrade to a different license.

Montana Graduated License

It is a widely known fact that teenagers belong to a high-risk group when it comes to driving. The state of Montana is trying to lower the number of casualties among the teen drivers by introducing a set of laws that is commonly known as the graduated drivers license system. Under the law, all license applicants who are younger than 16 must complete a Montana drivers education class and hold their learners permit for at least 6 months before applying for a driver’s license.

Permit Test

One of the key steps of the licensing procedure is the knowledge testing that is conducted by the Motor Vehicle Division. You can take your Montana permit test at one of the examination centers in your area.

Preparing for the exam is easy with the MVD drivers handbook. The manual is a complete resource of driving-related information and should contains the answers to all permit test questions. You can also add a few Montana practice tests on top of the manual to see if you have prepared well enough.

Learners License

If you passed your knowledge exam, you will be issued with the Montana learners permit. The learners license allows supervised driving only and you cannot get out on the road by yourself, without a supervising driver sitting next to you. The main purpose of this license is to allow you to practice driving before you go ahead and take the driving test.

Drivers License Test

If you have held your learners license for at least 6 months, you are now ready to take the driving test and apply for your driver’s license. You will need to schedule an appointment with the testing center and it’s best to do it in advance.

When you pass the driving test, you are given a temporary license. You actual Montana drivers license will come in the mail within 2-4 weeks.