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Hawaii Drivers License

Hawaii Drivers License

If you want to drive on Hawaii roads and you do not hold a license issued by another state or country, you will need to apply for a Hawaii drivers license. Choosing the right type of the Hawaii drivers license should be your first step.

Hawaii Driver’s License Types

Unlike most of other states, Hawaii codes its license classes with numbers and not letters. At the moment, there are the following types of driving licenses offered:

  • Class 1. License for light motor scooters and mopeds, must be under 5 horsepowers.
  • Class 2. Motorcycle drivers license
  • Class 3. Regular drivers license, allows for operation of most common vehicles.
  • Class 4. Commercial Drivers License, CDL.

Most of the applicants will only need a regular class 3 drivers license. However, if you plan on hopping onto a motorcycle or a moped, you can always apply for an additional endorsement later on.

Hawaii GDL

If you are applying for your driving license before you turn 18, you are subject to the Hawaii graduated drivers license laws. The GDL system is there to ensure that teenagers get enough education and driving experience before they get out there on the road and start driving on their own. As part of this program, every teen license applicant must complete a Hawaii drivers education class.

Written Exam

Absolutely every Hawaii drivers license applicant is required to take a written permit exam at the Drivers license office. If you want to pass the exam the first time you take it, you should prepare for it in advance. You can start your lessons with going over the Hawaii drivers manual, which will provide you with a sound knowledge of the road rules and regulations. Taking a few practice permit tests could also be a good help.

Once you pass the permit exam, you will be issued with a Hawaii learners permit.

Hawaii Learners License

The instructional permit is issued to you so you can practice driving before you apply for the road test and your real drivers license. The learners permit is not your full license yet and you are not allowed to operate a vehicle on your own. One of the main conditions of the learner’s license is that you must have a licensed driver sitting next to you at all times when you are practicing driving.

Drivers License Test

When you feel confident enough to take the driving test for your license, you can call the DMV and schedule your appointment. You are required to provide your own vehicle for the test, the vehicle must be properly registered, insured and be in a good technical condition.

If you pass the drivers license test, you will be issued with your Hawaii drivers license.