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Kentucky Drivers Manual - Kentucky Driver Handbook

Kentucky Drivers Manual - Kentucky Driver Handbook

When it comes to applying for a drivers license, there is no better source of information than the Kentucky drivers handbook. Kentucky drivers manual contains everything you need to get your license in no time at all - detailed description of the licensing procedure, comprehensive coverage of the state driving laws, it even includes some practice permit tests for you to play with before you go in for the real thing.

Types of Kentucky Drivers Handbooks

If you are a first time applicants and you are applying for a regular Kentucky drivers license, then you should start by reading the regular drivers manual. The manual contains chapters on traffic laws, graduated license, road signs - pretty much everything you need to get introduced into the world of driving. However, at some point of your life you may find yourself applying for a motorcycle or commercial drivers license and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has got that covered as well. At the moment, you can choose between the following types of DMV drivers handbooks:

  • Regular drivers handbook
  • Motorcycle driver manual
  • Commercial (CDL) drivers handbook

Once again, all first time applicant who are just looking to obtain the first license or permit should only concern themselves with the regular Kentucky drivers license handbook. There is simply no need for you to learn the things provided in the commercial drivers handbook or the motorcycle manual.

Kentucky Drivers Handbook Contents

Kentucky driver handbook kicks off with two messages from the Governor and the Commissioner of the Kentucky state police. The table of contents looks as following:

  • Graduated licensing laws for new drivers
  • The licensing process
  • Change of address or name
  • Renewal or duplicate license
  • Residents serving in the military
  • How to obtain a Kentucky driver's license
  • Commercial drivers license
  • Rules of the road
  • Seeing well
  • Communicating to other drivers
  • Adjusting speed
  • Keeping a space cushion
  • Sharing the road with tractor-trailer trucks
  • No-zone for trucks
  • Slow moving vehicle symbol
  • Slow moving vehicles
  • Sharing space
  • Handling emergencies
  • Motorcycles
  • Hazards to motorcyclists
  • Mopeds
  • Operation
  • Trails bikes and all-terrain vehicles
  • Bicycles
  • Keeping in shape
  • Protecting your driver's license
  • Traffic signals
  • General information
  • Your organ donor card
  • Smart driving helps conserve energy and improves air quality
  • Appointments for driving tests
  • Websites
  • State police posts and numbers
  • Practice driving log

As you can see, the manual provides detailed information for all aspects of driving and should cover pretty much every situation you may encounter on the road. You get to see the motorcyclists' perspective on the road, you are taught how truck drivers see traffic around them and you learn how these things should affect your driving habits.

License applicants who are younger than 18 should pay special attention to the graduated drivers license section of the drivers handbook. This part is important as it describes the restrictions that will be posed onto you until you reach the age of 18. Failure to observe these restrictions may cost you your driving privilege.

Things to Study in the Kentucky Drivers Handbook

When it comes to getting ready for the Kentucky permit test, many people start questioning what parts of the manual should be studied in order to pass the test. There is no definitive answer to this question and ideally you should cover the whole driver's handbook. However, you should spend some extra time studying the road signs as they will be represented by a large number of questions on the Kentucky drivers permit test.

If you are after some extra study materials, you can sign up for one of the Kentucky drivers education classes. Although the materials presented in the driver's handbook should be sufficient to pass the exam, taking a professional drivers training course may help you to understand some subjects better.

You could also try some Kentucky permit practice tests. The tests are mostly provided by the commercial driving schools, but you may find some free sources as well. Whatever you choose, make sure that the practice tests that you are taking are state specific and reflect the information you will be tested on when you take the real exam.

Where Can You Get the Kentucky Driver's Handbook

As of 2009, the state stopped offering driver handbooks in a printed form and if you wish to obtain the manual, you can download one online, from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's website. The drivers handbooks are provided as PDF files that you can either read online or download to your computer. The books can also be printed out if you prefer not to read from the screen.