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Delaware Drivers License

Delaware Drivers License

If you plan on hitting the Delaware roads and you don’t have a license yet, you should probably get your mind on obtaining one. Delaware driver’s license will give you the opportunity to drive on the state public roads and grant you the freedom of traveling around.

Types Of Delaware Licenses

Making a choice between different types of the driver licenses should be your first step. At the moment, there are the following license types available in Delaware.

  • Class D. The regular drivers license that will allow you to operate most of the common vehicles.
  • Motorcycle Licenses. Fit for those who want to ride a motorcycle.
  • Commercial Drivers Licenses, CDLs. Designed specifically for people who plan on making driving their career.

Unless you intend to become a professional driver or operate heavy machinery, the regular class D drivers license will be more than enough for you. You can add another license type to your toffees later, should such need arise.

Delaware Graduated License

Since more people get on the roads every year, driving safety becomes more important than ever before. This is why the state enacted the graduated drivers license laws that are there to ensure that drivers get proper education and training before they start driving on their own. The graduated drivers license system includes restrictions for teen drivers, compulsory drivers education classes and supervised driving only while holding a learners permit.

Learners Permit

No matter how old you are when you are applying for your driving license, the Delaware learners permit is your step in the process. The permit is the first document that allows you to operate a motor vehicle while being supervised by a more experienced driver.

Written Test

Before the Delaware DMV can issue you with a learners permit and allow you to start honing your driving skills, you will be required to prove that you are familiar with the Delaware driving rules and regulations. The DMV will require you to pass the permit test, which will be provided in the form of a short quiz with multiple questions, covering the traffic rules, road signs and safe driving techniques. Once you pass the test, you will be issued with the drivers permit.

You can prepare for the exam by going through the official DMV drivers handbook or taking some Delaware practice permit test.

Drivers Ed

As per the Delaware GDL laws, every teen drivers license applicant who is under 18 must take an approved drivers education class. The class is designed to teach you everything you need to know about safe driving and prepare you for the permit exam.

Drivers License Test

Once you are ready to take the driving test for your official Delaware drivers license, you will need to make an appointment with the DMV. It is up to you to provide a vehicle for the driving test and you can either use your own vehicle, borrow a car from your friends or family or simply rent a car from a local driving school. You must also present proof of insurance before taking the test.

Once you pass the driving test, you will be issued with the official Delaware drivers license.