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Massachusetts Drivers License MA

Massachusetts Drivers License

Ready to get your 2013 Massachusetts drivers license but don't know where to start? Don't worry, we will walk you through the process and will see that you get your Massachusetts drivers license in no time at all! It all comes down to learning the state driving rules, taking the Massachusetts permit test (don't forget to do our 2013 Massachusetts drivers permit practice test first!), then getting some driving hours behind your belt and passing your Massachusetts driving test! Don't worry about any of the forms or Massachusetts driver's education classes at this point, just concentrate on these three basic steps that will get you your Massachusetts driver's license in 2013!

Massachusetts Driving License Types

At the moment, the Massachusetts RMV offers the following license types:

  • Class D. Regular drivers license
  • Class M. Motorcycle drivers license
  • Class A, V and C. Commercial driving licenses, CDLs

If you do not plan on riding a motorcycle or operating some large trucks, a regular class D Massachusetts drivers license will be more than enough for you. You can always add another endorsement to your driver's license later on, should such need arise.

Massachusetts Graduated License

Driving has become a large part of our lives and sometimes we fail to estimate the dangers posed by the public roads. This is especially true when applied to teen drivers who belong to the highest risk group among all ages. Most of the accidents that involve teenage drivers are caused by lack of experience and education. The Massachusetts graduated drivers license system attempts to correct this, making every teen go through a Massachusetts drivers ed program before a full unrestricted drivers license can be issued.

Drivers Permit Test

In order to ensure that all Massachusetts drivers license applicants know their way around the state driving rules, the RMV conducts mandatory knowledge testing of all applicants. This is waht you know as the Massachusetts permit test. The permit exam covers the rules of the road,road signs, safe driving techniques, defensive driving - pretty much everything you need to know before you can get behind the wheel and go for your first drive.

Preparing for the drivers permit test is not hard provided you have some good sources of information. The official Massachusetts drivers manual should be the first stop when you get to preparing for the permit exam, it is probably the most comprehensive publication that was prepared by the state to help all Mass drivers license applicants get through the application process as quickly and painlessly as possible. The MA drivers license handbook is tailored to the needs of those studying for the knowledge test, it is focused on the most important things you need to know for your MA drivers permit test and does not list any nonesense laws that never come up on the exam.

Once you've gone over the Mass drivers license book, you can test yourself with these free practice permit test MA questions, they will help you pinpoint the rules and laws you may need to focus upon. Tired of taking the same test over and over again? No worries there, we have plenty other exams available! Take this free MA drivers permit practice test or the Massachusetts RMV practice test, the choice is yours!

When you pass the drivers permit test, you are issued with a Massachusetts learners permit and it is time for your first drive! Keep in mind, though, you must have someone else with a valid MA drivers license seated next to you while you practice, you are not allowed to drive alone with your drivers permit.

Massachusetts Driving Exam

Although the learners license allows you to start your driving lessons, it still does not grant you full driving privileges. When you are behind the wheel, you must be accompanied by a more experienced driver who is holding a valid Massachusetts drivers license.

When you think you are ready to impress the RMV with your driving skills, schedule your Massachusetts driving test. If you pass the driving exam, you are granted your Massachusetts drivers license. Now, many people wonder how they should prepare for the MA driving test, is there anything specific that needs to be done to ensuire that you pass the road test the first time you take it? There is only one answer here: practice! Practice as much as possible, in different road conditions. Practice during the day, practice driving at night, practice driving in the morning or late afternoon. The more hours you clock, the better your chances of passing your Mass road test and obtaining your drivers license without having to visit your local RMV testing facility multiple times. You may also consider taking at least one driving lesson with a pro instructor: he will teach you what you are tested on during the drivers license test, he will explain to you your weaknesses, things you need to avoid doing, etc.

When you finally receive your drivers license, make sure to check the expiration date and renew your Massachusetts drivers license well in advance. Driving with an expired drivers license is an offense that is punishable by a large fine and you may be forced to follow the application process from the very beginning if your driving privileges are suspended.