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North Carolina Drivers License

North Carolina Drivers License

In the state of North Carolina you should have a valid drivers license in order to operate a vehicle. All beginning drivers under 18 years old need to apply for a learners permit/provisional license first. It allows for operation of motor vehicles only under the supervision of a driver who holds a valid unrestricted North Carolina driver license.

Drivers License Types

North Carolina's licensing system includes the following types of drivers licenses: Class A, Class B and Class C Regular Drivers Licenses. If you are planning to drive a personal automobile or a small truck you need only a Class C driving license.

Commercial licenses (CDLs) have the same classification - Class A,B and C.

The Graduated license type includes limited learner, Level Two limited provisional and Level Three full provisional licenses.

North Carolina GDL

In order to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by the lack of driving experience among the new drivers, the North Carolina graduated driver licensing system employs a number of driving restrictions. All teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 who are planning to obtain their first drivers license are required to complete a drivers education course.

Provisional Drivers License

The Provisional License has a number of limitations. If you hold a provisional license, you are not allowed to drive at night time or have more than one passenger under 21 years of age in the vehicle without being supervised by a licensed adult driver.

After the 6 month period, you are eligible to graduate for a Level Three of the graduated drivers license program. Your driving record should not have any driving offences listed. All provisional license restrictions end as soon as you receive your North Carolina level three driver license.

The Drivers License Testing

Before you get a first drivers license, you need to pass a vision, traffic signs, driving knowledge and driving skills tests. In order to pass the knowledge test the first time you take it, please make sure that you are well prepared. The North Carfolina drivers manual should be your primary source of information when it comes to preparing for the exam. You may supplement the book with some permit practice tests, they will show you where you stend at and if you need to study some more before tuckling the real exam.

Please note that applicants under 18 years old are required to complete an approved North Carolina drivers education course before they can obtain a learners permit. Your parent/guardian will also need to co-sign the learners permit application when you take a written exam at a driver license office.

Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 who are planning to obtain a Level Two provisional license are required to hold the instruction permit for a year before they can take a driving skills test for the driving license.

Upgrading to Unrestricted Drivers License

The final step is to upgrade to a Level Three license that allows you to drive at any hour of day or night without a licensed adult supervisor. An applicant is eligible to graduate to a full unrestricted North Carolina drivers license if there were no convictions of moving violations or seat belt infractions within the previous six months period.