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New Hampshire Drivers License

New Hampshire Drivers License

Want to drive in New Hampshire and don't have a drivers license issued by another state? In this case, you should definitely apply for the New Hampshire drivers license.

New Hampshire Drivers License Types

New Hampshire offers different types of driving licenses, each one tailored to specific vehicles. At the moment, you can choose between the following licenses:

  • Class D. Operators license, also commonly known as the regular drivers license.
  • Motorcycle license.
  • Commercial drivers licenses.

If you are the first-time applicant and you have not held a license issued by another state or country, then your need to apply for the regular New Hampshire drivers license first. Once you gain some driving experience, you may apply for a different type of the driver's license.

New Hampshire GDL

In order to ensure the safety of teen drivers, the DMV in New Hampshire has developed the graduate drivers license (GDL) system. The GDL laws concern teenage driver's license applicants and they use such things as drivers license restrictions and compulsory drivers education classes to prepare teens for the challenges they may face on public roads.

New Hampshire Drivers Permit

The state uses a multi-step licensing process and you need to start by taking the New Hampshire permit test (applicants who are under 18 years of age must have completed a New Hampshire drivers education class by this point). The test covers the driving rules and it is not hard provided you prepare for it.

There are different ways to prepare for the New Hampshire written DMV test. If you went through one of the drivers ed programs, then you should already know your way around the state driving laws. If you skipped on the class, you may obtain a free copy of the DMV drivers manual and compliment it with some New Hampshire practice tests. The manual has the answers to all driving-related questions and should be your main source of information while preparing for the exam.

Although there is no such thing as a New Hampshire learners permit, the state has a Youth drivers license that is issued to applicants who are younger than 18.

Drivers Permit to Drivers License

Even though the youth drivers license allows you to drive a vehicle while being supervised by another licensed driver, it does not have the full driving privileges of the unrestricted driving license. Once you gain some experience, you should schedule the road test with the New Hampshire DMV.

When you turn up for your drivers license exam, you will be required to provide your own vehicle that needs to pass a basic safety inspection. The vehicle must be properly insured and titled, you should take care of these matters before you come to the testing site.

If you fail, you will be required to schedule another appointment and retake the exam. If you pass, you will be given a temporary drivers license that is valid for 60 days and allows you to drive until you receive your actual New Hampshire driver's license in the mail.