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Nebraska Drivers License

Nebraska Drivers License

Planning to drive on Nebraska roads and don’t have a driver’s license issued by another state? In this case, you should definitely apply for the Nebraska driver’s license. Although the application procedure may seem a little complicated, once you get into it, you will have your Nebraska drivers license in no time at all.

Types of Nebraska Driving Licenses

Ok, so the day has come, you finally decided that you do need to obtain a driver’s license. Your first step? Choosing the right type of driver’s license, of course. At the moment, there are the following types of driver’s license offered in Nebraska.

  • Class O. Operator’s license, which is also known as the regular drivers license.
  • Class M. Motorcycle license.
  • CDLs. Commercial drivers licenses.

If this is your first drivers license, than the regular operators license is what you should go for. It allows you to operate most of the common vehicles and chances are that this is all you need. But if at some point you decide that you want to ride a motorcycle or operate commercial vehicles, you may always add additional endorsements on top of your existing license.

Nebraska GDL

Most of the states have some form of the graduated drivers license system and Nebraska is no exception to this rule. The GDL laws are there to ensure the safety of teen drivers and those who surround them on the road. The achieve this goal with the enforcement of drivers education classes and supervised driving restrictions.

Nebraska Drivers Permit

When it comes to Nebraska drivers permits, everything gets a little complicated. At the moment, there are 4 different types of permits, each one with its own rules and restrictions. One thing that combines them all is that no matter which permit you select, you will still have to take the permit test. The knowledge exam assesses your acquaintance with Nebraska driving rules and you will not be allowed on the road until you can prove that you know the rules.

If you did not participate in any driving program, you can grab a copy of Nebraska driver manual and use to prepare for your knowledge exam. Once you’re done with the handbook, take one of the Nebraska practice tests to make sure you’ve learned what you've read.

Note: if you are taking a Nebraska drivers education course, your written and driving tests may be taken as part of the program and testing at the DMV is not required.

Drivers Test

For those drivers license applicants who have not taken drivers ed, the last wall on the way to Nebraska drivers license is the actual drivers license exam. When you feel confident enough behind the wheel and you fulfill all other requirements, you can schedule the driving exam with the DMV and put your driving skills to the test.

Once you pass the driving test, the DMV will issue your with your official Nebraska state drivers license.