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New York Drivers License

Ready to get your 2013 New York drivers license but don't know where to start? Don't worry, we will walk you through the process and will see that you get your NYS drivers license in no time at all! It all comes down to learning the state driving rules, taking the NYS permit test (don't forget to study practice permit test NY questions first!), then getting some driving hours behind your belt and passing the NY driving test! Don't worry about any of the forms or NYC drivers ed classes at this point, just concentrate on these three basic steps that will get you your New York state drivers license in 2013.

New York Driver's License Types

At the moment, the New York Department of Motor vehicles issues the following types of licenses:

  • Class D. Operators drivers license, also referred to as the regular drivers license.
  • Class DJ. Junior's driver license, similar to class D, but with certain restrictions on it.
  • Class E. Taxi and delivery drivers license.
  • Motorcycle license. Issued to those who plan on riding a motorcycle.
  • Class A, B and C. Commercial drivers licenses, CDLs.

Applying for your first NYS driving license and don't know which one to choose? You should probably think about getting a regular operators license first, which is the most basic license type out there. It allows you to operate all common vehicles and chances are that you will not need any other drivers license. However, if at some point you find that your regular license is not enough, you can always visit the DMV, take the required training and upgrade to another type of the New York driving license.

Graduated Driver's License

You might have heard of it before, especially if you are a teenage driver. The New York graduated drivers license system is a set of laws that were designed to keep the drivers safe. Although teenage drivers are the main targets of the program, the New York DMV extends the laws to mature drivers as well, with the requirement to take a pre-licensing program or a full scale New York drivers education course before the a driving license can be issued, no matter how old is the applicant.

Drivers Permit Test

Ready to take the first step towards your NY drivers license? The first thing you will be required to do is to take the NYS permit test at one of the local DMV offices! The knowledge test is based entirely on the information that is presented in the New York drivers license book and saying that you should read the book prior to taking the drivers permit test is not saying anything at all. Reading the NY driver's license handbook is an absolute must for anyone who wants to pass the knowledge exam the first time! You should also study practice permit test NY questions, they will help you pinpoint those traffic rules you may have missed while reading the drivers handbook. Keep in mind, we have other sample license exams available, such as the NY DMV practice permit test and the NYS driver's permit practice test, make sure to take them all and cover as many license questions as possible!

The good news for those who have taken a drivers education course already - you may be exempt from the drivers permit exam. Just bring your certificate of completion (MV-285) to the office when you come for the test.

If you passed your DMV exam, you will be issued with a New York learners permit, the first document that allows you to be behind the wheel legally. It is not a license yet, but you are getting there and your New York state drivers license is just a few simple steps away!

Upgrading to Drivers License

In order to be able to upgrade to a driver's license, you will be required to take a road test (this is what we all have in mind when we say "drivers license test"). You can schedule your NY driving test with the DMV and show up on the appointed date. By this time, you must have completed a drivers education or a pre-licensing course no matter how old you are and you will be required to present the certificate of completion at the test site. Applicants who are under 18 years of age will also be required to present certification of 20 hours of supervised driving (MV-262).

Once you pass, the examiner will issue you with the interim drivers license. You must also keep your permit and have both of them while driving. Your real New York driver's license will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks! Once you have it, make sure to discard your interim drivers license, it is not valid anymore, but don't just throw it in the trash, destroy it in a manner that will not allow anyone to get your personal information!