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North Dakota Drivers License

North Dakota Drivers License

If you ever plan on driving on North Dakota public roads, you will need to obtain a drivers license. The licensing procedure depends on your age and receiving your North Dakota drivers license can take anything from couple of days to six months.

Drivers License Types

There are many different types of driver license offered by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. If you are the first-time applicant and don't hold a license issued by another state, you will start by applying for a regular drivers license and add additional classes on top of once such need arises. The following types of North Dakota driver license are available right now:

  • Class D. Regular driver's license.
  • Class M. Motorcycle drivers license.
  • Classes A, B and C. Commercial driver licenses, CDLs.

Once you choose the right type of license, visit one of the DOT offices to submit your application.

Graduated Drivers License

The licensing procedure you will have to go through depends on your age and is dictated by the North Dakota graduated license laws. The graduated driver license law applies to all drivers under 17 years of age and it governs such things as the licensing process and driving restrictions. In order to ensure the safety of young drivers, the GDL law enforces compulsory drivers education classes for all license applicants who are under 16 years of age. In addition to that, all drivers who are under 17 years old must observe the graduated license restrictions at all times. Failure to abide to these limitations may see your drivers license suspended or revoked.

Applying for Drivers License

The first step of applying for a drivers license is to obtain a North Dakota learners permit. The permit is like a limited license, it allows you to practice your driving skills while being supervised by another experienced driver. This approach minimizes the risks for the driver and helps to avoid any potentially hazardous situation.

The minimum age at which you can apply for the drivers permit is 14. When you apply for the permit, you will be asked to show good knowledge of North Dakota driving laws and road signs. The permit exam can be taken at any driver's license office and you should study beforehand if you want to pass the exam the first time. You should start by reading the drivers license handbook, which contains detailed information on all subjects that concern driving. Once you're done with the book, take a few practice tests to see how well you know the rules.

When you visit the DOT office for your permit exam, be prepared to do the following:

  • Provide proof of ID
  • Provide proof of birth date
  • Provide proof of name and legal presence
  • Present your Social Security card
  • Complete the drivers permit application form
  • Pay the permit fee
  • Take a vision exam
  • Take the knowledge test

Please note: if you are younger than 18, your parents must co-sign the application form.

Once you pass the permit exam, you are issued with the North Dakota permit. You can start your driving lessons at this point.

Upgrading to Drivers License

Drivers license applicants who are younger than 17 must hold a learners permit for at least 6 months before applying for a drivers license. Those who are younger than 16 must also complete an approved drivers education class and obtain the certificate of completion.

When you are ready, schedule the driving test at one of the driver's license offices. The DOT does not accept walk-ins for the driving tests and you must schedule an appointment well in advance.

Once you pass the drivers license exam, you will be issued with a drivers license right on the spot.