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Maryland Drivers License

Maryland Drivers License

The application procedure for the Maryland drivers license is very easy and straightforward. Your first step towards obtaining your Maryland drivers license is choosing the appropriate license type.

Maryland Driver License Types

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) offers a number of different types of licenses, each one tailored to specific needs and having its own application procedure.

  • Class A. Regular drivers license.
  • Class M. Motorcycle drivers license.
  • Commercial drivers licenses, CDLs. Class A, B and C.

If you are a first-time driver, you should definitely apply for the regular class A drivers license. Once you gain some driving experience, you may also add other driving endorsements to you license.

Maryland GDL

You cannot overstress the importance of safety when it comes to driving on public roads and this is what the Maryland graduated drivers license system is about - traffic safety. Driving has become such a common part of our lives than we usually take it for granted and fail to appreciate the danger. This is especially true for teenagers, who have the highest crash rates among all age groups. The graduated license laws fights these daunting stats by mandatory drivers ed classes for all first time license applicants and prolonged supervised driving periods.

Drivers Permit Test

Once you have taken a drivers ed class, you will be required to pass an drivers permit exam at the MVA office. The exam will test you on the driving rules and you must prepare for it if you want to pass it the first time.

The Maryland drivers book makes a good study book when it comes to preparing for the exam. Taking some practice tests will also make your MVA visit go smoother.

Student License

When you pass the required tests at the MVA, you will be issued with the Maryland learners permit. You may be excited now and so you should be. But don't let this excitement make you forget that this is not an unrestricted driver's license yet and you cannot drive a vehicle unless another licensed driver is seated next to you at all times. There are also other Maryland driver permit restrictions that you may have to observe.

Drivers License Test

When you gained enough driving experience, you may schedule your driving test at the MVA. You will be required to provide your own vehicle, which must be properly titled and insured. The vehicle must also be in a good technical condition as it will be subjected to a quick safety inspection.

When you pass your test, you will be issued with your Maryland drivers license.