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Arkansas Drivers License

Arkansas Drivers License

If you intend to be driving on Arkansas roads and you do not yet have a license issued by another state or country, you should apply for the Arkansas drivers license. Your first step towards obtaining the Arkansas drivers license is choosing the right license type.

Types of Arkansas Drivers Licenses

Right now, there are the following types of driving licenses offered in Arkansas, each one having its specific privileges:

  • Class D. Also called a regular driver license. May have certain restrictions if issued to teenagers.
  • Class M. A motorcycle drivers license. Can also be issued as class MD to teens.
  • Class A, B and C. Commercial drivers licenses, (CDL).

Generally, you should start by obtaining a regular class D driver license and then proceed adding endorsements to it as you gain more driving experience.

Arkansas GDL

Just like many other states, Arkansas has a graduated drivers license system that applied to teenagers, although it is more on the mild side when compared to other states. While in many other states, teenagers are required to complete compulsory drivers education classes, Arkansas does not require the license applicants to go through the same procedure. However, when the permit is issued, it still has certain limitations that are designed to reduce the number of casualties among the teen drivers.

Drivers Permit Test

Any person applying for the Arkansas drivers license or learners permit will be required to pass an Arkansas permit test at one of the Drivers license offices. The exam contains questions on traffic laws, road signs and rules and you may choose to prepare for the test by taking some Arkansas practice permit tests and going over the Arkansas drivers license test study guide which is provided by the state police free of charge. Good news for those who already took a drivers ed class - you are probably prepared much better than those who did not take the class.

Once you pass the test, you will be issued with the Arkansas learners permit.

Drivers Test

Once you have held your permit for at least 30 days, you can take a drivers license test at one of the testing locations. The drivers license testing is provided by the state police and many other locations, you can check the full list of testing sites with the department of revenue. The test is provided on the appointment-only basis, so you will need to schedule it in advance. You will also need to provide your own vehicle for the test.

Once you pass the driving exam, you will be issued with your Arkansas drivers license.