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Cell Phone Restrictions for Delaware Drivers

Earlier this month, the lawmakers of Delaware proposed additional restrictions that could be added on top of the existing cell-phone restrictions. Although such driving restrictions are already in place in many states, Delaware residents are skeptical as to the efficiency of these measures.

"I don't see the difference between talking on the phone and talking to someone on a speaker," said Bernice Yurmuntiz of Ocean View. "Either way you're not paying attention to the road."

New cell-phone restrictions would prohibit all drivers to use a hand-held communication device for conversing, sending e-mails or texting while operating a motor vehicle. At the moment, only the Delaware learners permit holders are forbidden from using cell phones while driving.

Despite the public skepticism, such measures do increase the overall safety on the road. Talking on the phone with a hands-free device does not draw the drivers attention as much as typing up an e-mail or an SMS, thus allowing the driver to concentrate on the road.