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West Virginia Drivers License

West Virginia Drivers License

If you ever plan on hitting the West Virginia roads, you will need to obtain a drivers license. Applying for the West Virginia driver license is a pretty straightforward procedure you should be able to get a license in no time at all.

Types of Driver Licenses

There are many different types of driver licenses offered in West Virginia, each one designed to allow for operation of certain vehicles. You can choose between the following license classes:

  • Class E. Regular drivers license. Allows for operation of common vehicles.
  • Class F. Motorcycle drivers license or endorsement.
  • Class D. Allows for operation of “for hire” vehicles.
  • Classes A, B and C. Commercial drivers licenses, CDLs.

Teenagers who are under 18 years of age will also encounter the graduated drivers license system that includes a number of driving permits and a restricted (intermediate) driving license.

Graduated Driver's License

Today, some form of the graduated drivers license law is present in virtually every state. Although sometimes the programs are very different, the reason why they are in place is always the same. The West Virginia graduated license program was introduced to make the roads safer and reduce the number of casualties among teenage drivers. The effect is usually achieved by breaking the licensing procedure down into multiple steps and introducing certain restrictions for inexperienced drivers. Compulsory drivers education programs are also utilized in some states.

The state of West Virginia is no exception to the general rule. Teenage drivers who decide to apply for the driver license before they turn 18 will have to go through two permit levels and an intermediate license stage before they can be issued with an unrestricted license. These stages were designed to ensure that the driver gains some driving experience in a relatively low-risk environment before he starts driving alone.

Applying for Drivers Permit

The application procedure is quite similar no matter how old you are. You can apply for the driving permit at any West Virginia DMV office by visiting them during their regular business hours, no appointment is necessary. When you visit the DMV, you will be required to take the West Virginia DMV permit test, the exam that covers the driving law and road signs.

More than a half of all first-time applicants fail the exam because they fail to prepare for it. If you want to be among those who pass the exam the first time they take it, you should take steps to study beforehand.

One of the best ways one can prepare for the permit test questions is taking a West Virginia drivers education class. Although the state does not require you to complete a drivers ed program, you may still wish to do so for your own safety and to prepare for the test.

If you don't want to spend your time on a class, you should make good use of the West Virginia drivers license book. The drivers handbook is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded from the Internet. You may also want to take some permit practice tests before you get examined at the DMV.

Once you pass the exam, you will be issued with the West Virginia drivers permit. The type of the permit you get depends on your age.

Upgrading to Drivers License

In order to upgrade to a drivers license, the applicant needs to take a driving skills test. Applicants under the age of 18 must fulfill all graduated drivers license requirements before taking the road test.

The DMV does not provide a vehicle for the test, so you will have to take care of it yourself. You can borrow a vehicle from a friend, a relative or rent a vehicle for test from one of the local driving schools.

Once you pass the exam, you will have your picture taken and get your West Virginia drivers license on the spot.