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Minnesota Drivers License

Minnesota Drivers License

Do you intend to drive in Minnesota public roads? Unless you hold a drivers license that was issued in a different state, you will need to obtain a Minnesota drivers license. Minnesota driving license grants you full driving privileges and allows you to operate vehicles all over the country.

Minnesota Drivers License Types

There are different types of the Minnesota driving license, each one allowing for the operation of a different type of vehicle.

  • Class D. Regular drivers license, allows you to operate most of the common vehicles.
  • Class M. Motorcycle license, comes as an endorsement to your regular drivers license.
  • Class A, B and C. Commercial drivers licenses, CDLs.

If this is your first drivers license, you will be required to apply for the class D drivers license first. Once you gain some driving experience, you can start adding additional endorsements on top of your class D license.

Minnesota GDL

The graduated drivers license system is a set of laws that were designed to reduce the number of car accidents that involve teenage drivers. The graduated license system targets primarily drivers who are under 18 years of age. If you are subject to the GDL laws, you will be required to complete a Minnesota drivers education class before you can be issued with a license. Various learners permit restrictions will also apply to everyone who has to observe the graduated drivers license law.

Permit Test

Absolutely every drivers license applicant, no matter how old, is required to take a Minnesota permit test. The test examines your knowledge of Minnesota driving rules and if you want to pass it, you should study.

Minnesota drivers manual is great permit test study guide that can help you prepare for the exam. Practice tests can serve as additional study materials and you can use them to evaluate how well you are currently prepared for the real exam.

Learners License

Once you pass the permit exam, you will be issued with the Minnesota learners permit. The learners permit is not equal to a drivers license, it allows you supervised driving only. Once you’ve gained some driving skills, you can go ahead and take the driving exam.

Drivers License Exam

The final test that you need to pass is your actual drivers exam. You will have to schedule it in advance and show up with your own vehicle. The vehicle must be properly insured and titled, it must also pass a basic safety inspection.

When you pass the exam, you are not issued with your Minnesota driver’s license right away. You keep your receipt and the test score with you until the actual drivers license is mailed to you. It should arrive within 2-3 weeks from your test date.