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Indiana Drivers License

Indiana Drivers License

Indiana Drivers License is the document that entitles you to the privilege of driving a vehicle in the state of Indiana. Indiana drivers license is issued by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and may be offered in different types, depending on the purpose of obtaining the license.

Types of Indiana Drivers Licenses

At the moment, the Indiana drivers license if offered in the following types:

The operator’s drivers license is by far the most common type, it allows you to operate standard motor vehicles, which suffices for most of the Indiana residents. Should you have the need for operating commercial vehicles or a motorbike, you are required to apply for a specific drivers license, each one with its own requirements.

Apply For Indiana Drivers License

If you are under 16 years of age, you will be required to take one the state-certified Indiana drivers ed courses before you can apply for your drivers license.

The procedure for obtaining Indiana drivers license by non-citizens can also differ from the conventional way.

Applicants who are over 16 years of age do not have to take a drivers education class before they apply for the Indiana drivers license. However, they are still urged to prepare for the Indiana permit test that will be taken at the BMV. You can either elect to take a special course that will educate you on Indiana road rules and traffic regulations or you may just obtain a copy of the Indiana drivers manual and study it at your own convenience. You may also want to prepare for the permit test by taking some Indiana practice tests that will help you evaluate your current knowledge of the BMV rules and regulation.

When you get to the BMV, you must:

  • Pay the drivers license application fees
  • Provide your social security number
  • Provide one primary and one secondary document for proof of identity
  • Provide proof of residency
  • Applicants under 18 also have to have the financial liability agreement signed by a parent or a legal guardian
  • Complete Indiana permit test

Successful completion of the test entitles you to Indiana learners permit. The permit will allow you to drive a motor vehicle while being supervised by a licensed drivers. Please note that the learners permit holding period is 60 days and you cannot apply for Indiana drivers license during this time.

Indiana Drivers License Test

When you have held your permit for a sufficient amount of time, you may apply for Indiana drivers license test. The test will be taken at a local BMV branch and you are required to make an appointment for it.

In order to be able to take the test, you have to provide your own vehicle. You have to make sure that the vehicle is properly registered, you have proof of insurance and the vehicle passes the basic safety inspection.

Students who have completed the Indiana drivers education program may avoid taking the drivers license test.

When you pass your drivers license test, you will be issued with Indiana operators drivers license that will allow you to drive unsupervised.