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Florida Drivers Manual - Florida Driver Handbook

Florida Driver Manual - Florida Drivers Handbook

Florida drivers handbook is a useful resource for both the first time license applicants and those who already hold a Florida driver's license. First time applicants will be able to find out what the current licensing procedure is and learn the rules of the road while those who already have a license may have the need to check out a specific law or find out how the license can be renewed. Florida drivers manual gathers the essential driving-related information in one place so you won't have to dig your way through hundreds of publications to find the answers to your questions.

Types of Florida Driver's Handbooks

If you are looking to apply for a regular Florida drivers license, you only need the regular Florida DMV driver handbook. The book contains everything you need to know in order to be able to get your drivers license. However, you are applying for a motorcycle license or a commercial drivers license, you may wish to address the corresponding drivers license handbook. At the moment, the following publications are available:

  • Florida Driver's Handbook (this is your regular driver's manual)
  • Florida CDL Handbook. Commercial drivers manual
  • Motorcycle Handbook

All official drivers handbooks are published in English and Spanish. The drivers license handbook is also available in Creole.

If you are studying for the commercial or motorcycle drivers license test, you should make sure to read the regular Florida DMV driver manual first. The information provided in the commercial and motorcycle handbooks builds on top of the stuff in the regular book.

Florida Drivers Manual Contents

The driver handbook for Florida is structured in the same way as manuals for other states. In the beginning of the book you can find information on how to apply for the Florida learners permit. You if you are the first time applicant, make sure you read that information carefully.

The official Florida driver manual has the following sections:

  • Chapter 1 - Your License
  • Chapter 2 - Your Driving Privilege
  • Chapter 3 - Your Driving
  • Chapter 4 - Signals, Signs and Pavement Markings
  • Chapter 5 - Your Vehicle
  • Chapter 6 - Other Information

If you are looking for the drivers manual test, it is located in Chapter 5, right at the end of the section. If you find that you need more study questions, you can always search the web for Florida practice permit tests, you are bound to find both free and paid versions of the exam.

Thing to Study for Florida Permit Test

If you think that you can cut corners and study just a small part of the manual and then pass your Florida permit test, you are wrong. In order to be able to pass the permit exam, you must study the whole manual. However, there are certain sections you should pay more attention to. Most of your permit test questions will come from Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, so you have to know these sections by heart.

If you are looking for some extra study materials, you may want to consider participating in one of the Florida drivers education classes. Apart from offering the same coverage of the state driving rules as the official handbook does, drivers ed classes also offer a lot of additional information on safe driving practices and defensive driving techniques. Taking the class now will not only make you a safer driver, but it can also make you eligible for an insurance discount when you purchase you premium.

Places to Get Florida Drivers Handbook

The easiest way to get Florida driver license handbook is to download it from the Internet. At the moment, the DHSMV in Florida delegates the driver handbook distribution to the private company, lowestpricetrafficschool.com. You can either download the manual as a PDF file from their website, or order a pre-printed copy to be mailed to you.