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Florida Drivers Ed - Florida Drivers Education

Florida Drivers Ed

Although there are no Florida drivers education classes in the full sense of this word, many people refer to the First Time Driver/Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course as the Florida Drivers Ed.

Graduated License In Florida

The DHSMV in Florida wants to make sure that all Florida drivers are well educated and prepared for the challenges they may encounter on Florida roads. This is why all license applicants, no matter how old they are, have to complete a state approved Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course - TLSAE.

Another part of the graduated drivers license program is compulsory application for a Florida learners permit before you can apply for the drivers license. Applicants who are under 18 years of age will be required to hold the permit for at least 12 months before they can apply for their unrestricted Florida drivers license.

Drivers Ed Locations

At the moment, there are numerous places where you can take the Florida driver’s ed course. You can choose between taking the driver's education class online, through one of the approved commercial providers, you may do it at a local driving school or you may take it at your high school.

The driver's ed class can also contribute to your school curriculum, so you should make sure you are taking a DHSMV approved course.

Permit Test

Absolutely every first-time Florida drivers license applicant have to take a permit exam at the DHSMV in addition to taking a drivers education class. Some Florida drivers education providers allow you to complete this test online, so you will need to check this with your class vendor.

If you want some extra education before you hit the test, you should head over to the Florida DHSMV handbook. The handbook provides you with a lot of useful information on Florida traffic regulations and it should be your primary source of information if you have a question about Florida driving rules. You can also supplement the book with some Florida permit practice tests.