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Texas Drivers License Renewal

Texas Drivers License Renewal

Texas Drivers License is issued for the period of 6 years and you must renew it once it expires. Exclusion to this rules are drivers under 18 years of age and drivers who are over 85 years old. If you are under 18, your Texas drivers license expires once you turn 18. If you are over 85 years old, you are required to renew your Texas drivers license every 2 years.

You can renew your Texas drivers license within 1 year prior to the expiration date. Do not leave it to the last week as drivers license renewals may take up to 20 days. The DPS usually sends you a renewal notice, but you do not have to wait to receive the notice, you can renew your license without it.

Renewal Options

In order to provide Texas Drivers with better experience, the DPS provides a number of convenient Texas drivers license renewal options. You may choose between renewing your drivers license online, over the phone, via the mail or in person, whichever option you find more convenient.

Texas Drivers License - Online Renewal

Although online drivers license renewal is probably the most convenient option, it is not available to everyone. You are eligible for the online renewal if you:

  1. Hold a valid unexpired Texas drivers license. Note that if your license has already expired, you cannot renew it online
  2. Can provide the audit number (the number is printed on your photograph on the drivers license)
  3. Are between 18 and 79 years of age
  4. Have a VISA or a MASTERCARD credit card to be able to pay the renewal fee online
  5. Do not have any outstanding traffic tickets, your license is not under a suspension

The DPS may change these conditions, so you might want to check the DPS website for the most recent information.

Renewal Over The Mail

Renewal over mail is not available to everyone. If you are eligible for renewal over mail, the renewal notice will provide you with the information on how it is done. If you did not receive the renewal notice, you may call the DPS and the representative will check your eligibility.

Texas License - Renewal By Phone

If you would like to renew your Texas drivers license over the phone, you can call 866-357-3639. The DPS clerk will check your eligibility and provide you with further instructions to drivers license renewals.

Both phone and mail drivers license renewals may be available to those who reside out of state at the time of the renewal. You need to follow the same procedure to find out if you are eligible.