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Texas Drivers License Phone Renewal

Texas Drivers License Phone Renewal

If you currently hold a Texas drivers license, you should know that it must be renewed every 6 years. At the moment, you have a number of options for drivers license renewal, one of them being the renewal on the phone, when you can call the Department of Public Safety and renew your drivers license in no time at all.

Renewal by Phone Eligibility

If you would like to renew your Texas drivers license by phone and want to check if you are eligible for this type of service, you will need to call the DPS at 866-357-3639 and the DPS clerk shall be able to provide you with all relevant info.

You may also use the renewal by phone option to renew your Texas drivers license when you are out of state.

Other Renewal Options

If renewal by phone does not work for you for some reason, you may also consider renewing your drivers license online, via mail or do it in person.

Make sure you renew your drivers license early, as it may take up to 20 days for your renewal request to be processed and cannot drive if your Texas license has expired.