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Texas Drivers License Renewal by Mail

Texas Drivers License Renewal by Mail

If you hold a valid Texas class C drivers license, you must renew it every six years. If you hold a learners license, commercial drivers license or motorcycle license, you have to abide to different rules. Drivers who are older than 79 must renew their Texas drivers license every 2 years.

Eligibility for Renewal via Mail

If you are eligible to renew your Texas drivers license via mail, the Department of Public Safety will specify that in the renewal notice that is mailed to you. The notice will also specify the actions that need to be taken when you renew your drivers license by mail.

Other Renewal Options

If you cannot or do not wish to renew your drivers license by mail, you may want to use one of the many convenient renewal options offered by the DPS. You may renew your drivers license online, you can renew it on the phone or you can even renew your drivers license in person.

No matter which renewal option you choose, you should still submit your renewal request early. This way you ensure that the DPS can process your drivers license renewal on time and you will not end up without a valid Texas drivers license at some point.