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Pennsylvania Drivers Ed - Pennsylvania Drivers Education

Pennsylvania Drivers Education

Although the drivers education courses in Pennsylvania are not compulsory, taking one is certainly beneficial for the license applicant of any age. Pennsylvania drivers ed classes prepare you for the written test, help you get your license sooner and make you eligible for a handsome insurance discount.

Graduated Drivers License

Graduated Drivers License system (GDL) is a set of measures that were devised in order to reduce the number of fatalities among the teen drivers. Unfortunately, teenagers belong to the high-risk group when it comes to operating a vehicle. There is a number of factors that account for this - lack of experience, proneness to risk taking behavior and failure to correctly judge the situation. Pennsylvania GDL targets all these factors and uses such tools as the drivers education classes, supervised driving and curfew and passenger restrictions to counteract them.

Why Take A Driver Ed Class

There is a number of reasons why you should want to participate in a drivers education class. Although the DMV in Pennsylvania does not make driver ed programs compulsory for everyone, taking the class has numerous advantages.

For starters, there is no better way to prepare for your permit exam. If you are applying for a drivers license in Pennsylvania, you will have to take the knowledge exam no matter how old you are. Pennsylvania drivers education courses are developed by professional driving instructors and they specifically accent your attention on thing you need to know for your drivers permit test. Of course, there are other ways to study, you could read the drivers manual and take free permit practice tests, but they will never be as effective as a driver ed program.

Another reason for you to take the course is the insurance discount. Studies show that individuals who completed a drivers education class are less likely to be involved in an accident and are overall safer drivers. Insurance companies take this info account and you could save quite a few bucks on your insurance policy by presenting your certificate of completion.

Teenage drivers also have another reason for taking the course. As you probably know by now, if you are under 18 years of age, you have to go through the multi-step process when applying for your license. First you get your Pennsylvania learners permit, then you get your junior license and only once you turn 18 you are granted a full unrestricted license. Taking a certified state-approved drivers education class could cut this time by 6 months, allowing you obtain your Pennsylvania drivers license once you turn 17 and ½.

Where Can You Take A Drivers Education Program

Right now there is no lack of places where you can take your drivers education class, so it is simply the matter of finding the class that is right for you. Drivers education programs are offered by some high schools, commercial driving schools and you can even take the course online, through the Internet. Just make sure that the course are you signing up for is certified by the state, because if it's not approved by PennDOT, you will waste your money on nothing.

Pennsylvania Online Driver's Ed

Online drivers education programs have been around for a few years now and more students choose this type of education every year. The main convenience of taking a drivers ed course online is that you make up your own schedule. There are no scheduled classes and you can study whenever you have some free time and access to a computer.

Another great thing about taking your Pennsylvania drivers ed online is that you do not have to spend time on traveling. The course is available to you any time, anywhere, just hook up to the Internet and off you go.

At last, but not least, the online driver's ed course is usually much cheaper than it's in-class counterpart, and the money you spend on the class today will be compensated by the insurance discount you will receive for your next insurance policy.