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Minnesota Drivers Ed - Minnesota Drivers Education

Minnesota Drivers Ed

Drivers education classes are an important part of the licensing procedure and Minnesota is no exception to this rule. All license applicants who are under 18 years of age must complete a Minnesota drivers education class.

Minnesota Graduated Drivers

According to the national statistics, teenagers have the highest crash rates among all age groups. Lack of education and experience is partially to blame for it. This is why Minnesota has a GDL system that forces all teenagers to go through compulsory drivers education classes. The drivers ed program teaches teens a variety of driving techniques and allows them to appreciate the dangers of driving.

Drivers Ed Test

Before anyone can be issued with a Minnesota drivers license, they have to take a permit test at the DVS office. The good news is that taking a drivers education class prepares you for the exam, so if you took the class, the exam should be a breather for you.

Those who decided who skip on the drivers ed may wish to study with the DVS handbook, it has everything required to pass. Taking some Minnesota practice tests will also allow you to see if you are ready for the real exam.

Those who passed the exam will be granted their Minnesota learners permit.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

The drivers education class is certified by the DVS and it must meet certain criteria. All certified Minnesota drivers ed classes have to consist of at least 30 hours of classroom instruction. During the class, you will be taught the following topics:

  • Minnesota driving rules
  • Road Signs
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Safe Driving Techniques

According to the rules, you are also required to enroll for at least 6 hours of behind the wheel training in addition to the classroom drivers ed. Once you enroll, you will be given the "Blue Card", which is presented at the DVS at the time of your application for a permit.

Driver's Ed Locations

Drivers education is available from a variety of sources. You may choose to take driver's ed at your local high school or a commercial driving school. Drivers ed for Minnesota home schooled students is also available.

No matter which drivers education program you choose, make sure it is certified by the Minnesota DVS. Taking a course which is not certified is a waste of your time and money.