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Minnesota Learners Permit

Minnesota Learners Permit

Obtaining a Minnesota learners permit, also known as the instruction permit, is the first step towards obtaining a full drivers license. Minnesota learners permit allows you to drive while being supervised by another licensed driver who's at least 21 years old.

Minnesota GDL

Just like other states out there, Minnesota has its own version of the graduated drivers license system. All license applicants who are under 18 years of age are subject to the GDL laws and are required to complete a mandatory drivers education program before they can be issued with a learners permit.

Learners Permit Test

The minimum permit age in Minnesota is 15. Before the DVS will let you get behind the wheel, you will be required to show that you are familiar with the driving rules. The DVS requires you to take a Minnesota permit test that will cover the road signs and driving rules.

Those who have taken a drivers ed course should already be well prepared for the learners permit exam. However, if you skipped on the class, don't stress, there are other ways to study. You can start your research at the Minnesota driving handbook, which is distributed free of charge by the DVS. Once done with the book, take a Minnesota practice test to see if you're ready for the real thing.

Once you pass the exam, the DVS will issue you with your Minnesota learners permit.

Learners Permit Restrictions

In order to ensure your safety, the DVS enforces certain permit restrictions. One of the main limitations is that you cannot drive a vehicle unless supervised by another licensed driver. You must observe the restrictions at all times or you may be denied the issuance of the official Minnesota drivers license.

Renewing The Permit

If you lost your learners permit or it expired, you will need to visit the DVS for a replacement. You will not have to go through the application process again, but there are certain fees associated with the replacing the permit.