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Kansas Drivers Ed - Kansas Drivers Education

Kansas Drivers Ed

Kansas drivers education classes are not only the important part of the graduated drivers license system, they can help even more mature license applicants to gain some insights on safe driving techniques.

Kansas GDL

The graduated drivers license system is a set of laws that was devised to reduce the crash rates among the teen drivers. The laws commonly feature compulsory drivers education classes, learners permit restrictions for minors and variable permit holding period. All these measures work together to help teenagers gain some driving experience before the hop behind the wheel and start driving on their own.

Learners Permit

The first step for every teenager seeking to obtain a license would be applying for the Kansas learners permit and taking the Kansas drivers permit test. Even though you are not required to take a driver's education class at this point, it may be a good idea to do so because it will prepare you for your test.

If you choose to skip on drivers ed at this point, you may utilize the Kansas DMV handbook to go over the driving rules and road signs. Practice tests can help you test yourself to see how well you are doing with every subject.

Drivers License

You can only apply for Kansas drivers license if you already passed your permit exam and receive the drivers permit. Applicants who are under 16 years of age must also complete a Kansas drivers education program which must be certified by the DMV.

Kansas Drivers Ed Curriculum

Drivers ed classes in Kansas consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel training. During the classroom part of the class, you will cover the rules of the road, risks of driving, safe driving techniques and basic skills of vehicle operation. The driving portion of the class will teach you how to apply everything you learners in the classroom.

Driver Ed Classes

At the moment, the DMV in Kansas only approves the school districts to provide the drivers education classes. Online drivers ed programs do not meet the requirements of the state and will not count towards your drivers license.

In order to check the qualification of any drivers education class, you may call the Department of Education at (785) 296-8107. If the program is not on the list, you will waste both your time and money.