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Texas Drivers Ed Online - Texas Drivers Education Online

Texas Drivers Ed Online - Texas Drivers Education Online

If you want to obtain Texas learners permit and you are under the age of 17, the DPS in Texas requires you to complete a drivers ed course. Although there is quite a variety of different drivers education courses in Texas, completing drivers ed online is probably the most convenient and hassle free option.

Parent Taught Drivers Ed Online

The online drivers ed courses offered in Texas fall in the category of parent taught drivers education. This means that the course requires involvement of both the student and the instructing parent. There is a number of Texas parent taught drivers ed courses and not all of them are offered online, so you may choose the program that suits your requirements.

How Do I Take Texas Drivers Education Online

Before you even start Texas drivers ed online program, you have to apply for the parent taught drivers ed package through the DPS. Once your application is approved you can sign up for the course of your choice and follow the program guidelines.

What Is Included In Online Drivers Ed

The online drivers ed course for Texas includes extensive information on traffic regulations, road signs and traffic rules. The course might also include the instructions to driving lessons, a Behind The Wheel program.


If you do not want to take drivers ed online, you may look for an alternative program. Texas DPS is very flexible and right now students have a choice of products. You may take drivers ed at a driving school, you may take it in high school if the high school offers it or you may order a CD-ROM or video course.

Note that you will not be able to obtain your unrestricted Texas drivers license until you turn 18 if you do not complete a state-approved drivers ed course.