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Texas Drivers Education

Texas Drivers Ed

Those who are just thinking of applying for a drivers license are plagued with questions about Texas drivers education classes. Do I need to take a Texas drivers ed course if I am over 18 years of age? Do I take my Texas driver's education program before I apply for a permit or a drivers license? How much does a regular drivers education program cost, is it cheaper to go for a Texas parent taught drivers education course? Will my drivers ed class include a free Texas permit practice test or to I need to look up some practice permit test questions on my own? Don't worry, we will answer all these questions for you so you can choose the best Texas driviers education program there is and get your driver license in no time!

Why Do I Have To Take Drivers Ed?

There is a very simple answer to the question "why do I have to take a drivers education class at all?" - drivers ed programs are statistically proven to save lives. It has been shown that teenagers who have completed a drivers education course are less likely to engage in risk-taking behavior and are significantly less likely to be involved in a traffic accident. This is the reason why the government wants you to take a Texas drivers education class before they issue you with a Texas learners permit and let you lose on the road.

Good Age to Take Texas Drivers Ed

We’d love to say that you should take your Texas drivers ed class as early as possible, but that is not true. Most of the drivers education classes also incorporate drivers training or in-car training, so in order for you to be able to take full advantage of the Texas drivers education class, you have you be of a legal age to get a learners permit. So don’t rush into the Texas drivers ed program if you are a little too young - give it a little time and take it when it will really help you learn the rules of the road and prepare for the state knowledge exam.

As of March 1, 2010, license applicants aged 18 to 25 years old will have to take a state-approved Texas 6 hour adult drivers education program before they can be issued with a permit or a license. The 6 hour driver class can be completed at an approved local driving school or online, the choice is yours.

Types of Texas Drivers Ed

At the moment, you have a number of options to take a drivers education class in Texas. If your school offers the drivers ed program, you may take it at school. If the drivers education class is not offered at school, you may visit a local driving school in your area and take your course there. Or you may also opt in for Texas parent taught drivers education classes. It is a convenient option that involves both parents and students and it can actually save you money too, as the parent taught drivers ed courses usually cost significantly less than their counterparts in the driving schools. Texas parent taught drivers ed courses may also include a free Texas practice permit test, which is a great way to prepare for your Texas permit test. Such programs can come as online drivers ed or you may also order a video or a CD-ROM course.

If you drivers education program does not include any free practice tests, don't panic! There are plenty of practice exams available on the Internet and most of them are free! You can study all Texas permit test questions with this free Texas drivers license practice test or this Texas DMV practice test, your choice! Better yet, you can take both tests and really nail that permit exam at the DPS!

Depending on the type of a Texas drivers education course you choose, you may also receive some driving lessons from a professional driving instructor. Although parents usually do a great job at teaching kids every-day driving skills, professional driving instructors can teach many defensive driving practices that are usually omitted by parents. A professional will also be able to prepare you for the Texas drivers test that you will have to take at the DPS before you can be issued with a Texas drivers license.

Other Uses of Texas Drivers Education

Another great advantage you get by taking a Texas drivers ed course is the possible insurance discount. Insurance agents work with statistics and since the stats indicate that those who took the drivers ed class are less likely to crash - the insurance company will likely give you a significant discount if you take the class. So in the end, you do not spend money on the drivers education class, it actually saves you quite a bit.