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Idaho Learners Permit

Idaho Learners Permit

Idaho learners permit is your first step towards your drivers license. The Idaho drivers permit gives you a great chance to practice your driving skills before you get out on the road alone.

Idaho Graduated License

If you are under 17 years of age and you think about getting a drivers license in Idaho, you will be subjected to the Idaho graduated drivers license system. The GDL system is a set of laws that govern the licensing procedure for teenagers and its main goal is to provide extra education and training for minors before they start driving. Idaho learners permit, drivers education classes and supervised driving are all parts of the Idaho GDL.

Idaho Drivers Ed

Every teenager who under 17 is required to take a compulsory drivers education class before you can apply for your Idaho learners permit. The class will teach you the rules of the road and safe driving techniques. Most of the classes will also include behind the wheel training lessons.

Drivers Permit Exam

A knowledge exam at the DMV is a must for every Idaho drivers license applicant. The Idaho permit test is administered at one of the DMV testing locations. Once you pass the knowledge exam, the DMV will issue you with your Idaho learners permit that will allow you to start your supervised driving.

You may wish to prepare for your learners permit exam by reading the Idaho drivers handbook and taking some Idaho practice tests.

Idaho Instructional Permit Restrictions

You may be excited about finally getting that drivers permit, but don't let that excitement make you forget that the permit does not grant you full driving privileges. The main purpose of the Idaho instructional permit is to allow you to practice your driving skills before you take your driving exam and this is why the permit has certain drivers permit restrictions. You are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle unless being supervised by a licensed driver at all times. For minors, there are also passenger restrictions and curfew involved.