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Daily Practice Permit Test Questions

We are glad to announce that we are launching a new section of the website today, “practice permit test question of the day”. In this section, we will try to publish a sample question from the practice permit test that we offer on the site, provide the correct answer to the question and justify it. We will also be publishing links to sources of information where you can look up additional information on the subject. We hope that these practice test sample questions will make the job of passing the real permit test at the DMV a little easier for you!

Why Practice Test Question of The Day?

The reason why we decided to publish our practice test questions on a daily basis is because we receive a lot of questions and comments about some of the answers to these sample exams. For many of those who are applying for a learners permit for the first time, some driving rules are not that obvious and they need just a little bit of help with choosing the right answer. While the DMV practice test that we offer does a great job at providing you the right answers to those sample questions, it does not provide you with the reasoning behind the right answer, so it may be somewhat hard to understand why this is the right answer.

How Will This Permit Practice Test Question of The Day Work?

In this new section that we decided to call “practice permit test question of the day”, we will work on one practice permit test question every day. We will dig into the sample question, the choices that are offered, discuss why you should really pick one answer over another and provide you with links to other study resources where you may find additional information on the subject.

Will It Cost Me?

All practice tests on the site, including the DMV practice test and the drivers practice test, are absolutely free and we don't see why you should be charged for the practice permit test question of the day. These practice test questions are free and you can access them through the site, just like you access our practice test now.

What Will Practice Test Questions Cover?

We thought about this for a while and we decided that we won't concentrate on any specific state or any specific area of traffic rules, practice questions will cover a wide variety of topics: anything from traffic law to insurance questions, road signs and traffic violations. We feel that this approach will allow us to help the largest number of people and that's the main goal here.

If you ever find a practice question that has not been covered yet and you would like us to do it, please post the question and the answers into the comment form below and we shall go over it asap!

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