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Practice Permit Test CA Question 31

Sharing the road with others in an effective way is very important, especially if you live in a large city where traffic congestion is a big problem. Most large cities have serious parking restrictions and large fines for those who choose to ignore these rules. Double parking causes traffic congestion and it may also prevent other vehicles from leaving the parking space, you may inconvenience quite a few people by double parking your vehicle. Questions on correct parking frequently appear on the California permit test and this is why we included this sample question into our practice permit test CA sample quiz.

Practice Permit Test Question

“Which one of the following is true about double parking?”

A. It is illegal unless there's someone in the vehicle
B. It is allowed for making a delivery
C. It is always illegal
D. It is allowed at night time and when there is not much traffic

Want to look up the answer to this practice question yourself? Pick up a copy of the California drivers handbook at a local DMV office or download it from the CA DMV website, the book contains plenty of information on parking rules in California.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the practice permit test CA sample quiz suggest that double parking is illegal, unless you leave someone in the vehicle, someone who can move the car. This way, if you are blocking someone who was previously parked, the vehicle can be moved and that person can leave. While this is a great solution for not blocking people who are already parked, you will be holding up everyone behind you since you will be standing in the middle of their lane.

Answer B to the permit practice test CA sample question tells us that you can double park if you are making a delivery. This is not true and you cannot double park in such situations. Special “no parking - delivery zones” are designated in those places where frequent deliveries are made.

Answer C to the CA permit practice test suggests that double parking is always illegal. So far, this is the best option out there.

Answer D to the California practice permit test tells us that double parking is allowed at night and when there is not much traffic, so you won't cause too much inconvenience to other drivers. While this answer looks appealing, it is still not true, since you will be blocking other vehicles that are parked according to the rules and people may not be able to leave due to your vehicle blocking them.

Correct CA Permit Practice Test Answer

The correct answer to this California permit test question is C:

“Double parking is always illegal”

There is nothing worse than being in a hurry and realizing that you cannot leave because someone else double-parked next to you. Double parking also causes traffic jams, which is a big problem in large cities. If you want to avoid being cited for this violation and having to pay a very large fine, make sure not to double park your vehicle.

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