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New Hampshire Learners Permit

New Hampshire Learners Permit

Although there is no such thing as the New Hampshire learners permit, the state still uses its own version of the graduated drivers license system. Instead of issuing underage student with a New Hampshire drivers permit, the DMV gives out the youth drivers license to all teenage drivers license applicants.

New Hampshire GDL

New Hampshire has its own graduated drivers license program that was designed to reduce the number of casualties among the teen drivers. According to the national statistics, teenage drivers have the highest crash rates among all age groups. One of the main factors that contribute to these statistics is lack of education and driving experience. Although the DMV does not force teens into obtaining a drivers permit, they still have to go through mandatory drivers education classes before they can be issued with a license.

New Hampshire Permit Testing

Before you can be issued with a license, the DMV will require you to take the New Hampshire driver knowledge exam, the procedure that commonly precedes the application for a learners permit in other states. The exam covers the rules of the road in New Hampshire and you need to prepare for it if you want to pass the first time.

If you want to prepare for the exam, you can obtain a copy of the New Hampshire drivers handbook and give it a thorough read-through. Once you're done with the manual, you can also take a practice test or two to allow the rules to sink in.

The minimum age for obtaining a license in New Hampshire is 16 and if you are under 18 years of age, you must complete a state-approved drivers education program before applying for the license.

Learners Permit vs. Youth Drivers License

Although the DMV does not issue applicants with learners permits, the Youth drivers license is very similar because it also comes with certain limitations that must be observed. The restrictions limit the number of underage passengers that can be present in the vehicle and introduce the curfew.

Although the minimum license age in New Hampshire is 16, you can start driving as soon as you turn 15 and 1/2. The main condition here is that if you are driving a vehicle, you must have another licensed driver at least 25 years old seated next to you at all times. This time should be used only to practice your driving skills and for completion of the drivers education class.