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New Hampshire Drivers Ed - New Hampshire Drivers Education

New Hampshire Drivers Ed

New Hampshire drivers education classes are an essential part of the graduated licensing procedure. If you plan on obtaining a license before you turn 18, the DMV will require you to take a mandatory drivers ed program.

New Hampshire Graduated Drivers

Just like many other states in the country, New Hampshire does everything possible to ensure the safety of teen drivers. According to the state statistics, teens are very likely to be involved in a traffic accident during their first year of driving. The reason for this is simple - lack of driving experience. This is why if you want to apply for a drivers license before you turn 18, you have to complete a New Hampshire drivers education course as part of the graduated license progam.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

The drivers education classes in New Hampshire must pass certification by the Department of Motor Vehicles and they follow the same curriculum. The program is divided into two parts: classroom instructions and behind the wheel driving lessons.

The classroom portion of the drivers education class consist of 30 hours of instruction. During this time, you learn the rules of the road, road signs and safe driving techniques.

Once done with the classroom drivers ed, you start your behind the wheel lessons. The BTW portion of the course has 10 hours of driving a vehicle and 10 hours of observation time, when you watch another person take the driving lesson. The driving hours allow you to get some hands-on experience and start incorporating the techniques you've learned during the classroom portion of drivers ed into your driving habits.

Supervised Driving

Once you have completed both the classroom drivers education class and the behind the wheel portion, you will also need to complete at least 50 hours of supervised driving with your parents. These hours can be used to polish the driving skills you should have learned at school.

Drivers Ed Classes

In New Hampshire, the drivers ed classes are usually offered by professional driving schools. The DMV may provide you with the list of the certified drivers education classes that you may enroll with. The classes are rather expensive, because they include 20 hours of the driving instruction time, but it's a good investment into your own safety.

Drivers License Test

Although there is no such thing as the New Hampshire learners permit, you still have to complete a DMV knowledge test before you can be issued with a license. You can prepare for the exam either by taking a drivers ed program or studying the free drivers handbook. The information contained in the manual is more than enough for you pass the exam, however, you may want to test yourself with the New Hampshire permit practice tests before you go in for the real thing.