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Michigan Learners Permit

Michigan Learners Permit

Michigan learners permit is the first document you get that allows you to start driving a vehicle. Keep in mind that Michigan drivers permit is not a full license yet and it comes with certain restrictions and limitations.

Michigan GDL

Michigan was one of the first states that endorsed a graduated drivers license system. The GDL system is a set of laws that targets teenage drivers and prevents them from rushing towards their drivers license. Before, you could just go to the drivers license office, pass the knowledge test and hop behind the wheel. This produced a large number of inexperienced drivers that has high accident rates. The GDL system makes teenagers go through the Michigan drivers education program and behind the wheel lessons, plus adds an extended period of supervised driving on top of that. When the driver finally gets out on the road alone, he already has quite a bit of driving experience.

Permit Exam

Depending on how old you are, you will take the exam either as part of your drivers education class or at one of the SOS locations. Those taking the exam at the SoS may want to prepare for it by reading the Michigan drivers handbook. The handbook has everything you need to pass your learner's permit test. You may also take a few Michigan practice tests to see where you stand.

Learners Permit Issuance

If you were under 18 and you took your permit exam at the driver's ed class, the instructor will issue you with the certificate you take to the SoS, where you take a vision test and exchange the certificate to your learner's permit. Those who took the test at the SoS location will be issued with a permit on the spot.

Types of Michigan Learner's Permits

Depending on your age and the part of the driver's education program you are currently at, you can be issued with 3 different types of permits - the temporary instruction permit, the level 1 learners license and level 2 intermediate license.

Temporary Instruction Permit

Michigan temporary instruction permit is issued to applicants who are at lest 18 years old and who already passed the knowledge exam. The permit allows you to drive while being supervised by a licensed driver 21 years old or older. It is valid for 180 days and you can apply for your Michigan driver's license after holding it for at least 30 days.

Level One Learners License

The level 1 learners permit is issued to teenagers who have already completed the First segment of the driver's education class. The permit has it's restrictions, such as supervised driving only, curfew and passenger restrictions and you must observe them at all times. It is valid for 180 days and you must complete a Segment 2 drivers ed during this period.

Level Two Intermediate License

Level 2 intermediate license is issued to applicants who have already completed a segment 2 drivers education course and successfully passed the driving exam. Level 2 intermediate license holders can drive unsupervised, but retain the passenger restrictions and curfew.