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Minnesota Drivers License Practice Test Question 103

While most of us know the difference between red, yellow and green traffic signals on a traffic light, quite a few of those who are just preparing to take their Minnesota drivers permit test forget those subtle differences between a flashing red light and a steady red light or what you need to do when you see a yellow flashing light. What do you do when a green arrow turns yellow, but there is also a regular green signal that is still on? Do you stop or speed up to still make it through the intersection? Will you have to give way to the traffic coming towards you? Our Minnesota drivers license practice test contains a number of questions that will help you learn your way around traffic signals, let's look at one of these questions in more details!

Drivers License Question


A. Flashing red light
B. Steady yellow light
C. Yellow arrow
D. Flashing yellow light

If you are not 100% sure about the answer to this Minnesota drivers practice question, we urge you to go ahead and read the official Minnesota drivers manual. The book is published by the state and it is of great use to every prospective driver, whether you are getting ready to take your Minnesota permit test or the Minnesota driving test. Driving rules, road signs, maneuvers you need to practice for your road test - the book has it all, don't dismiss this chance to get your hands on some free study materials!

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this Minnesota drivers license practice test question suggests that you need to stop when you see flashing red light. Does this look right to you? It certainly looks right to me. Whenever you see a flashing red traffic light has the same meaning as a STOP sign, so you do need to stop for it. Let's look through other options to see if there is more than one correct answer.

Answer B to the MN drivers permit practice test question offers you stop when you see a steady yellow light. This answer looks like at first and it is bound to be picked by those who simply rush through their drivers permit test. A steady yellow traffic light means that the signal is about to turn red, it is a warning to you that you need to prepare to slow down and stop. However, you are allowed to not stop if you cannot do so safely or if you have already entered an intersection, so this is not the best answer to the question.

Answer C to the Minnesota drivers practice test states that a yellow arrow is a signal you must always stop for. A yellow arrow is very similar to a steady yellow traffic light, however it specifies a direction this signal applies to. Just like with a regular steady yellow signal, you may continue moving through the intersection if you were already on it when the yellow arrow comes on. Use caution, though, since cross traffic is about to start moving too.

Answer D to the drivers permit practice test MN question suggests that you must stop for a flashing yellow light. You do not have to stop for a flashing yellow light, you just need to slow down and use caution as you go through the intersection. This answer is incorrect.

Correct Drivers Test Answer

The correct answer to this Minnesota driver's license practice test question is A:


A flashing red traffic signal must always be treated as a stop sign, keep this in mind. If the traffic light is broken and none of the signals are on, you are to treat this traffic light as a four-way stop intersection. Remember this and good luck with obtaining your Minnesota drivers license!

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